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by Sandesh Palungwa Limbu

It’s tough to be overweight. You know the truth. The mirror doesn’t lie. The weighing scale does not lie either. It’s hard getting into clothes. Shopping for jeans becomes a chore. Beginning to exercise is daunting. And you are just unsure about the diets you go on every now and then. Then, one day inspiration strikes and you decide to take the leap: enroll yourself into an exercise program, set targets to achieve a weight loss plan, work on an active mindset to support your goals… and then begins yet another set of challenges. Your mom insists on serving you an extra portion, your sister offers you a bite of your favourite chocolate, friends plan to eat out, ‘just a small bite’ or it’s just one drink’ is what you keep hearing. Sometimes the biggest detractors in our fitness journey can be the people closest to us. Easier to cave in than stick to your plans, right! But it doesn’t have to be so.

Instead of facing your weight problems alone, make everyone you spend most time with a part of your plans. Take time to share your goals and aspirations with them. Tell them why it’s important to you and how they can help. Create a healthy new life for yourself and don’t feel bad if you have to be stern about saying NO every now and then.

With your family, share your eating and workout schedules. Make them understand your changing needs and request them to help continue to support you in this new lifestyle.

Stick to your workout schedule as best as you can. You will be tempted to go off track every now and then, but it’s in the beginning that you need to really establish discipline. Feel good about exercising. And as you lose those extra inches, enjoy buying new clothes, looking and feeling great. I have always noted that people look lighter and younger when they decide to lose extra weight.

At work, avoid eating in a group if you find it hard to resist temptation or are the odd one out constantly. Instead inspire your colleagues to become your coconspirators in creating a healthy new life. You can join a fitness group class together after work. Share recipes. Find ways to make lunch hour more appealing. Juices, soups, salads, light meals, fruits are all great options.

Don’t draw attention to your new diet too much if your colleagues are nasty, they’ll just pressure you in different ways to fail. When you feel discouraged or in need of reassurance, just look inwards. You are your biggest strength.

Set small and achievable goals. As you progress, your goals will become bigger. It’s always advisable to seek consultation from a fitness expert when you start a program. Ensure that you get help from a certified trainer though. In case you decide to work out on your own, please get a clearance from your doctor in case of any medical issues, or if you are on any type of medication, or are above 40 years of age.

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