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Ruling Planet: Mars
Mars in astrology symbolises passion, aggression, and the way we pursue our goals. Mars helps Aries to exhibit its trademarked zealousness, high energy levels, and powerful leadership skills. People born under this sign possess unstoppable force. They are confident, driven, and action-oriented.

Ruling Planet: Venus
Sensual, romantic and sensitive are the characteristics of this sign. They pursue pleasure and harmony. This is the planet of love, beauty and happiness. This Earth sign is lucky in money and is a sign of rulership.

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Gemini is a chatty, social and intellectual sign. Mercury is the planet of communication and thinking. They have quick wit, strong communication skills, and a desire to learn new things. The planet affects the sign in their decision-making, enabling them to make the best decisions.

Ruling Planet: Moon
They are highly emotional and empathetic. The lunar influence through the sign is gentleness, vulnerability and a feelings-oriented approach to life. Cancers can also be quite moody as their feelings change just as fast as the lunar phases.

Ruling Planet: Sun
The Sun is the most brilliant and radiant force. This sense of authority and pride runs through Leos’ souls. Exuberance, kindness and never-ending supply of energy are features of this sign. They are the most self-involved sign, and this is their strength.

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Born to be problem solvers, Virgos are also skilled sharers. Mercury handles logic, reasoning and productivity. This sign is a natural-born critic. Clear communication, tidy workspaces and set schedules are common features of this sign.

Ruling Planet: Venus
The influence of Venus makes you value harmony in both yourself and your relationships, also making you a natural mediator. This sign rules over aesthetics, harmony, grace, charisma, style and wealth. They appreciate fairness and honesty while working hard to protect those they love.

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars
Pluto is the God of the underworld in Roman mythology, while Mars is the God of war. Both planets burn hot but have an air of sex and mystery to them, which is why Scorpios are known to be hypnotic and irresistible. While Pluto rules over secrets, the subconscious, transformation, death, and rebirth, Mars rules over aggression, vitality, desire and carnal instincts.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Sagittarians are carefree and optimistic. They love to explore. They are also philosophical and love variety. Jupiter rules over knowledge, expansion, indulgence, growth and a zest for life. People are drawn to their spontaneity and positive vibe.

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Saturn represents responsibility, hard work and determination. Capricorns can be very self-critical and go getting. Saturn aids this zodiac sign in being one of the most ambitious and persevering of all.

Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn
Both planets are very intellectual rather than emotional which is why Aquarians are often deeply involved in the world of thoughts, ideas and philosophies. They are progressive and eccentric. Uranus rules over change, revolution, individuality, and radicalism. In Roman mythology, it is the God of the sky. Saturn, on the other hand, rules over challenge, time, wisdom, rules and planning.

Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter
Neptune rules over the dream realm, creativity, fantasies and deceptions. In Roman mythology, it is the God of the sea. Jupiter rules over risk-taking, curiosity, expansion of the mind and magnification. Both planets work to bring optimism, hope and fantasy to Pisces

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