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by Sweta Rajgarhia

The Fire Signs
Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius

Fire signs love in an all-consuming way. In the first days, it can be hard to imagine your life before they entered it. They expect loyalty and devotion but don’t know what that looks like. Fire signs love the chase and drama of high-octane love. Once they feel they have won, they may lose interest. They can be so caught up in getting their needs met, they overlook their lover in the process. It will often take a long time before maturity sets in and the relationship becomes stable, meanwhile running the risk of failing to achieve anything enduring. But when things work, fire signs are incredible. They love with passion, and if they are loved equally in return, they make their partners the center of their universe. They are exciting and unpredictable. If they have decided to build a successful union, they work hard at it.

The Earth Signs
Taurus/ Virgo/Capricorn
Earth signs naturally gravitate towards status and power. Many seek security in a world where in reality there is none to be found. But when they do realize that happiness and peace come before money and gain, they can settle into magical unions. They take relationships seriously and make wonderful partners. Before making commitments, earth signs take time to analyze the pros and cons, rarely jumping headfirst into anything. When they finally make promises, they do all they can to keep their word. Integrity and values are important to them and they bring a sense of security to their loved ones. Earth signs appreciate small gestures and happily support their partner’s wilder endeavors.

The Air Signs
Gemini/ Libra/Aquarius
Because friendship comes first for air signs, their love lasts for a lifetime. They let their partner be who they are and allow them to grow into who they want to be without placing demands. And sometimes, this makes their lovers perceive them to be cold. Air signs need to work on their attitude to commitment They can also be quick to bore, high-maintenance, and promiscuous. Air signs work well with partners who gently challenge them and help them want to commit. Air signs are predisposed to cerebral connections and intellectual stimulation. They need space but also stimulation, attention, and open communication.

The Water Signs
Cancer/ Scorpio/ Pisces
Water signs require a formal commitment and emotional security and see marriage as a sacred union that will save them from loneliness and bring them stability. They don’t often speak of their emotions and expect their partner to automatically know what’s going on. Feelings are their love language. The often have such high expectations, it can be hard to meet them. They tend to get stuck in the past and hold grudges like no other sign. Water signs can be defensive and prone to overreacting if they are insecure, tired, or if someone pushes their buttons. Try to avoid taking it personally, or you will be in for a rocky ride. Shrug it off, and soon enough they will make amends. Water signs are among the best caretakers of their partners and families. They appreciate the small gestures.


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