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WOW asked some of the country’s popular make-up artistes to turn their face into a work of art inspired by what stimulates their creativity.


Instagram: @shradha_maskey

For me editorial makeup is a way to narrate a story though a picture. Whenever I attempt such makeup, I try and tell a story through my work. I really don’t think about a particular concept before doing makeup. Once I start, my hand paints the rest of the picture.

In this look, I have tried to play with hair and makeup simultaneously. I have been trying this hair art in many shoots for models since a couple of years and am very happy to see other makeup artists following this trend. I have played with my eye look and tried to keep it trendy with fun colours and glitter. For lips, I went with shimmery lips which is barely visible as I have added a big piece of jewelry on my mouth.


Instagram: @divin_ish_

Life in grey. This art inspired me as everyone dreams of living the life that is colourful and beautiful but the dark secrets that are hidden underneath those colours are always overshadowed by bright colours. When you see life in black and white everything is clear, there are no hidden shades underneath. All you will see is shades of grey.


Instagram: @lasta_tuladhar

This look is inspired by one of the most beautiful and challenging artworks of our country: the Thangka painting. This look is specifically of the Tibetan Dragon. Dragons are a symbol of power and creativity. They are protectors of Buddhism and master of all elements: fire, water, air and earth. The details, the vibrant colours, the beauty, the history, everything about the painting is amazing and I wanted to portray this through makeup and showcase love and support for my country’s beauty, religion and uniqueness.

I also wanted to portray women who are their own bold colours in a way, and when they do come together, it is so harmonious and so powerful. Here’s to every strong woman. May we know them! May we be them! May we raise them!


Instagram: @thebeautybar_nepal

Forest fairies are the most common of the Fae folk, make their clothing out of leaves and flowers, are shy and love music. Forest fairy look, as the name suggests, the inspiration for the look is the forest, nature, it’s beauty and some folklore.

The base of the look is a shimmery red and yellowish neon green palette, some eyelash and red lips and bling, and copious amounts of highlights. You can tone this look down as needed, or hell, amp it up and go full-face!
Add some flowers and butterflies to the mix and you have become a forest fairy. Go save trees with your ancient knowledge and graceful beauty.

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