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Dr Trishala Gurung gets candid about her unconventional choices of songs, her love for the nature, and the importance of being unapologetically ambitious. A millennial favourite, many of Trishala’s fans will tell you they adore her for her looks and her mesmerising voice.

Trishala discovered her love for singing during her school days. “I used to sing bhajans and was part of the school choir and was always praised for my voice,” she recalls.

Four years ago, she decided to make song covers for her social media accounts and it went viral. “I started with kahile preeti ko phool and the one which got viral was ukali chadaula,” she shares. Now her fan base is only growing. She is not only evidently talented; she also has a relentless, determined spirit that has helped cement her position firmly in the growing music industry. Looking at her trajectory as a singer which comprises of mostly eastern classical music, one might think that she has carefully curated her career. But Trishala is quick to point out that it has all happened very organically.

Trishala states that she chose to study medicine to make her family proud. “Before I started my music career, I just always wanted to support and make my family proud of me and thus wanted to become a doctor”.

Daughter of an ex-British soldier, Trishala is immensely inspired by her brother who is a dermatologist in the UK. Born and raised in Dharan, she completed her schooling in Delhi Public School Dharan till grade seven and the rest at Alok Vidyasram in Kathmandu. Currently she is completing her MBBS at the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital.

Balancing two diverse careers, our digital cover girl Trishala Gurung talks about what makes her who she is and her plans for the future. Excerpts:

Text by: Ankita Jain

What is Trishala like in real life?

I like to stay simple and focused.

What draws you towards banjans?

I have a religious family so I grew up listening to bhajans all the time and that’s how I learnt a lot about eastern classical music. Also, ever since I remember, I loved listening to music and was always drawn towards observing and analysing different types of music.

Tell us about your musical journey…

Music was always something I felt very drawn towards and connected to. As I was growing I got the chance to sing bhajans and was part of the school choir. My teachers always motivated me although I never harboured the ambition of pursuing music as a profession. But four years ago, I started putting my covers on social media and out of nowhere it started getting viral. The first few years were very surreal and overwhelming, but slowly I’ve learnt to balance my career as a doctor and a professional singer.

What are some of the highs and lows you’ve had to face? 

Talking about my highs it’s definitely being able to reach millions of people through my music. I feel blessed to be able to be connected to so many people through music.

One of the lows for me as a singer is when people criticise me for just being a cover singer whereas it’s about music and the devotion I feel when I sing. I give my best as a singer regardless of it being my own song or a cover song.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you? 

Not anything big but I’ve heard people remark that I am too shy and I look tall.

How do you unwind?

I love to stay home listening to good music and hang out with my friends.

Are you a romantic?

Yes, I like to love and be loved. 

Looking back, would you do anything differently?

I’m grateful for all the points in my life which leads to this day. I don’t want to change anything.

Tell us about a cause you feel passionately about

I have always supported mental health awareness, spirituality and buying and using local brands and products. My plan for the future includes starting my own small business as well.

Plans for the future

Music has opened new doors of hope and possibilities for me which I had never expected. I’d like to learn and practice more music in the future and also keep doing my part in being a responsible medical professional.

Skincare philosophy

Skin hygiene is a must and since I am travelling a great distance between my hospital and studio most of the time, the Kathmandu street dust takes a toll. So I cleanse and wipe my skin as soon as I reach home every day.

Pet name: Trish
Favourite place to travel: Korea
Often used word: Thank God!
Style Mantra: Chic and comfortable
What relaxes you: Good music
Favourite skin product: Moisturiser
3 essentials in your closet: tee, good pair of jeans and a flowy dress
5 things in your bag: Phone, ID card, mask, lip balm, sanitiser
Indulgence: Perfumes
What is love: A special journey
Favourite singers: Mariah Carey, Asha Bhosle, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, H.E.R, Doja Cat are my current favourites.

Cover Girl: Dr Trishala Gurung (Instagram: @trishalaofficial)
Photographer: Suzan Shrestha (Instagram: @suzan_shots)
Hair & MUA: Zaya Studio (Instagram: @thezayastudio)
Accessories: Accessories Nepal (Instagram: @accessories_nepal)
Wardrobe: Chuplag Studio (Instagram:@chuplag_studio)
Kasa (Instagram: @kasa.kasastyle)
Location: Dream Palace, Tokha
Styling & Text: Ankita Jain


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