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WOW Saturday Brunch with Priyanka Rani Joshi and Sadichha Shrestha

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In this episode of “WOW Saturday Brunch” presented by Khukri Rum (Episode 07), the event takes place at Dusit Princess and features two notable guests: Priyanka Rani Joshi, the reigning Miss Nepal World 2022, who will soon represent Nepal in the forthcoming Miss World pageant, and Sadichha Shrestha, a former Miss Nepal winner from 2010 who is still celebrated for her enduring charm.

Before delving into deeper discussions, both guests share intriguing facts about themselves. Priyanka discusses her past involvement in volunteering for visually impaired individuals before embarking on her journey with Miss Nepal. She also reveals that she spent a significant portion of her life studying in Darjeeling. Meanwhile, Sadichha reminisces about her initial pageant experience during grade 8 when she participated in the “Miss Beautiful Lady” contest and emerged victorious. She adds that she holds the unique distinction of being crowned by three different Miss Nepal titleholders in various pageants. Additionally, Sadichha mentions spending 13 years at the same school, from nursery to class 10, making her the first student to achieve this feat.

In the subsequent segment, aptly titled “The Uncomfortable,” the guests answer probing questions after enjoying cocktails. The questions explore the growing trend of beauty pageants among young people, the romantic relationships of Miss Nepal winners, and many more topics. Both guests agree that scandals within the realm of beauty pageants are unacceptable as they can tarnish both the reputation of the pageant and the contestants. They clarify that while being in a relationship or dating is permitted in beauty pageants, contestants are prohibited from being married. They also share their experiences of the supportive and enjoyable group dynamics among Miss Nepal contestants. Despite facing challenges, Nepali contestants in international beauty pageants consistently give their best, even if rankings don’t always reflect their performance due to various factors.

Following this, the show progresses to the segment “The Binge Worthy,” where the guests savor their brunch while engaging in a conversation about the pageant industry and their individual journeys to wearing the crown. After the meal, a rapid-fire round ensues, where the host poses questions to the guests where, Priyanka reveals her Nepali celebrity crush, and Sadichha shares her most memorable fan encounter.

Towards the conclusion, the spotlight turns to the host, Ashmi, who fields questions about relationships from the guests. The show wraps up with the host presenting a delightful gift hamper to the guests as a token of appreciation.

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