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Ritesh Marwadi

Yes, I would date a differently-abled person. More than just the outer beauty of the person, it is very important to have the bond, the love between each other. What is the point of dating someone or getting married to a beautiful looking woman if you end up fighting or if your ideologies don’t match, you are not compatible at all and cannot adjust and be happy in life. Rather be with a person who supports you in and out in what you do, believes in what you do, and makes you a better person moving together.

Seejan Pratap Rana
Founder, Archive Designs & Construction

If the ideas, the views, maturity level match with someone which I feel are very important for two people to be together, why not. Also, my experience of meeting differently-abled people by far has been quite fascinating. The way they see the world, how they celebrate each victory – small or big – and how they approach life everyday in itself could be an attractive quality.

Pawan Joshi

When it comes to love, I see the beauty of confidence, passion and understanding in people. I am a person who would fall in love for their kindness. If I had to date someone, these things would matter to me above all.

Bikash Parajuli
Photographer, Fashion Network Nepal

Yes, I would date a differentlyabled person. We live in the 21st century and we need to understand that everyone deserves love, respect and opportunity. We talk about equality and when it comes to loving someone different and getting to know them, we think twice.

Almoda Rana Uprety
Singer, SongWriter, Music Producer – Kripa Drishya Digital Studio

It is an irony we are still having this conversation while the world has moved forward to relevant issues like sustainable energy for instance. I am no guru or a preacher, however having prejudice or being biased for any discriminatory reason be it physicality, gender, appearance, race, colour or caste which is so prevalent here is awful, no hypocrisy attached.

If I am into the person, I am compatible with the person, I don’t think there should be any other issue to not get along. 

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