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by Dr Sharad Singh Yadav

Winter can be harsh not just for human beings but for animals too. Often people tend to think that household pets should be able to handle the biting cold, but this is often untrue and it is our responsibility to think about our pets’ safety and comfort in the cold months.

# All pets feel cold, be it an animal or a bird. It’s our responsibility to ensure that they are protected from exposure to the outside chill. Our localities and neighborhoods also have many strays around. If you can allow them shelter, a warm blanket, please do so and also check before starting a parked vehicle as animals especially stray dogs have a tendency to sleep under cars.

# There are a number of options in sweaters and jackets available for cats and dogs in pet shops. Pick the right size and keep your pet warm and cosy especially when you take them outdoors. If you have birds, place a light shawl over the cage to keep it warm, but do ensure a little opening as breathing space.

# Dogs and cats have thick fur that keeps them warm naturally. Avoid shaving off their coat in winter. Refrain from taking your dog out for a walk immediately after giving him a bath. Let the coat dry out completely.

# Do not allow your cat or dog to sleep on the cold floor during winter. Prolonged contact to the cold floor can make them sick. Create a cosy bedding that allows your pet to snuggle into.

# Ensure that your room heater is placed in such a way that your pet does not get a burn if he moves around.

# Like human beings, dogs tend to feel less thirsty in the cold months. But water is important and to ensure your pet gets enough of it, keep the bowl clean and replenish with mildly warm water which you encourage him to drink.

# Some dogs are prone to arthritis and can have a hard time during the winter. Pay extra attention to your pet’s exercise routine. Consult your veterinarian for advise and medication if your pet experiences pain.

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