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Ananta More is the Executive Director of Lucky Group. Ananta handles corporate communications and branding. Lucky Group has been among the top three exporters to India in the edible oil sector. Over the years, Ananta believes regular assessment of the brand and identification of issues thereafter are key factors for sustainable growth.

“It’s a continuous, evolving process,” she says.
Our conversation with Ananta More takes us to the uses of cooking oil.
Is oil good, bad, or ugly? Excerpts:

Why is choosing the right cooking oil important?

Food is not only for filling stomachs, it is the most integral part of all our events, the world celebrate over food. It is an emotion which connects people to people. It’s an expression of love and care. On the technical part, of course our edible oil has so many health benefits, it is enriched with vitamins and minerals. So choosing the right edible oil is of the greatest importance in the kitchen. It can affect taste, mood and health of the family members.

What has been the history of Ramdev oil?

Ramdev Oils history is relatively new but our industry producing the oil is a behemoth in edible oil refineries in Nepal. Having been awarded top exporter from Nepal for the past two years in a row, our industry Ganapati Vanaspati Pvt. Ltd (GVPL) is the largest integrated oil refinery plant of Nepal, which boasts a state-of-the-art plant imported from India in technical collaboration with Belgium Companies. Infact, GVPL is among the few industries in the world, and the only one in Nepal, to get so extensively into forward, backward and vertical integration.

We are into manufacturing of refined edible for almost three decades now. We are among the very few industries which has separate pipelines for all the different kinds of oils, from crude to refined oil. This makes it a full proof refinery with no chances of adulteration.

Having identified a segment for growth, we decided to launch Ramdev Oil in the year 2020 catering to the premium segment of customers in Nepal with much appealing packaging quality and standards. Our oil has successfully been competing with other Indian oil brands being sold in Nepal now.

Why should people prefer Ramdev oil over others?

Ramdev is a name trusted by customers for its sustained quality, availability, and attractiveness of the packaging. When buying our edible oil, a customer is putting its families health in our hands, and we value that trust and do not leave a stone unturned in providing them with the best product.

How well does Ramdev oil go with Nepali cooking?

We are extremely vigilant in the manufacturing process and understand taste, aroma and lightness expected from our different oil variants. For example, a certain level of pungency is expected from mustard oil which is preferred for the meat delicacies. Likewise we need a aroma free oil for frying puri so sunflower oil is used and similarly a slightly nutty flavour is liked in sauteed vegetables making way for soyabean oil. Thus we cater to all kind of customers with different choices and needs. Lots of research and development goes in getting the products right. It’s truly a consumer driven market.

Edible oils are a source of fat, but too much of the wrong kind can lead to the risk of heart disease. Your thoughts.

Choosing edible oil of wrong kinds can be harmful.One has to be careful in this matter and choose oil depending on the credibility of the brand as a lot of so-called “healthy fats and oil brands” claim having no cholesterol. That can never be true. Oils do have fats and thereby cholesterol. However it is important is to understand whether during the oil refining process, care is taken or not in preserving certain vitamins and minerals essential in the edible oil to help promote good cholesterol in the

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