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Salin Man Baniya

Previously, it was pretty common to get married because of family pressure as well as religious aspects tied with it. Many, men and women were compelled to get married even if they didn’t want to. But now, since society has changed and people have become liberal, marriage is no longer seen as an overriding affair. Marriage has become an individual matter rather than a family matter. The purpose of marriage itself has changed. Along with this, with the rise in co-habitation, people no longer feel the need to marry.

Bipin Nakarmi
Proprietor, The Arbitrary Group

Previously, marriage was, for the most part, an economic arrangement. This later advanced into a way for people to express their love and commitment to one other. Marriage is shifting again as millennials are either not marrying at all or marrying much later.

Millennials have somewhat earned a reputation for rejecting tradition. They have a fresh take on all things from social to political, so it is no wonder that their opinion towards marriage is not the same as the generations before them. They might have deeper, more personal reasons to delay marriage. Firstly, there is a mindset among this age group that you don’t need a partner to be happy. A second possible reason can be, that they want to be settled themselves before getting married and this applies to both men and women as they do not want to be dependent on their partner. But we can still conclude that more young singles still aspire to get married than not, despite more number of people declining marriage these days.

Shakti Pradhan
Managing Director, Café Deja Vu

There isn’t a particular cause to why millennials are not marrying. Every individual has their own reason and ideology for not wanting to pursue marriage. As per my belief, marriage is no longer a survival necessity for modern men and women. With the rise in education and equality between men and women, the traditional gender roles have been dismantled and the whole notion of men being the ‘breadwinner’ and women being the ‘homemaker’ is being challenged. Men and women are both capable of leading an independent life. Along with this, nowadays people are more focused on their career and even though marriage can be appealing many millennials think of it as as hindrance to their professional lives.

Sanjeev Ranjan Mahato
Owner Ride Enthusiast & DJ BLACK

Times have changed. For our parents, marriage was a seamless part of life. Now, when we listen to our parent’s story and how they were not only married at an early age but even had us (children) and took care of us, the thought of repeating the same thing just does not inspire or excite us.

At that time, the needs of humans were simple and only limited to shelter, food and clothes. However, for millennials like us, who grew up with technology merely achieving the aforementioned basic needs will not satisfy us. We grew up with all those basic needs already fulfilled and now have started to imagine of a grand life. We want big mansions, imported cars, branded clothes and so on.

With all individuals aspiring to be independent, the desire to achieve more creates obstacles in our lives as we want to be able to fulfil these dreams on our own. Hence, most of the time having a partner for whom you have to be responsible and answerable to becomes a hindrance rather than support.

Therefore, in my opinion, most of the millennials like me are not ready to add more people in their lives. We want to focus on developing our career and improving our life standard without distraction. To us, marriage and children seem to add hurdles in this journey of achieving great things in life.

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