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Who inspires you the most and what is it that inspires you about them?

by wowmagazine

Text: Anushka Shrestha

Oshin Sitaula
Media Personality

It might sound a little narcissistic but currently, I inspire myself. There are so many elements that make me want to say this. I feel like there has been a shift in the way I am starting to look at things: my family, my career, my passion, my health, and the world that is around me.

Almost every day is a learning experience for me and I am proud how open I am to the new comings of experiences, knowledge and maturity. When I sit and retrospect at the end of the day, week or month, I feel like the sense of inspiration comes from who I am and what I am becoming as a person.

Rubeena Thapa

For me inspiration is everywhere and in everything, and if I have to choose one then it varies from where I stand and answer, but eventually it comes from within me.

The term “inspired” can be simply replaced with “aware” in my case. I reflect and respect all my achievements and downfalls in life which keeps me aware and to thrive ahead. I find it within me.

Sanjog Koirala
Actor & Entrepreneur

The most inspiring person in my life has to be my father Shekhar Prasad Koirala whom I admire the most. From his way of treating people, for always looking at the positive side and listening to people without judging them to being physically fit and independent even at the age of 70 plus is what I also wish to attain.

He handles the different opinions in the family while keeping everyone together, and commands respect in society so gracefully. He is the strongest factor of motivation for me and everyone around him.
He has been my hero outside the big screen ever since I can remember!

Nivita Pradhan
Corporate Affairs Director, Hydro Solutions

There are many personalities who inspire me but the person that inspires me the most would be my father, Gyanendra Lal Pradhan. Day in and day out, my father has been there for me. He acts as my mentor and guides me. When I am in doubt, his guidance helps me to resolve my issues.

One thing that he said that I always remember is: “Your business is your own baby, don’t expect others to take care of it as much as you do. Others are only there to support you along the way”.

Anish Tamang
Makeup Artist & Body Painter

I have been inspired by every individual who has supported me and loved me since the beginning of my journey. Their excitement at seeing my creations and their appreciation for my work always pushes me to do more and go beyond my limitations.

Diptee Acharya
Director, Sanskriti International School

I have been inspired by many people and places over the years. While growing up, I was inspired by my parents for their sheer determination and hard work. I was highly impressed by the way they made a considerable name for themselves and they were also pioneers in their field paving the way for many others to follow suit.

The other person who has inspired me to be a better version of myself is my husband, Ranjit Acharya. His positive attitude towards life and everything in general has always been a motivating factor for me to overcome challenges and to grab opportunities that came my way. He has also inspired me to give rather than take. His motto in life is that if you light a lamp in somebody else’s house, the light will eventually be lit in your own house.

Last but not the least, I have been inspired by my friends who have been a constant source of support and happiness in my life. I have chosen to be with friends who care and add value to my life and make me come alive each day.

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