by Sweta Rajgarhia

BASKETBALL: This dynamic fire sign is no stranger to competition, hence basketball is the game for you, especially with friends for a fun, friendly yet high activity intense match. Basketball is a non-contact sport that is played on a rectangular court where opposite team of five players attempt to score points by shooting a ball in the hoop. This game is a great way to stay physically active. 

TENNIS: Since you like to test your skill, accuracy, speed, endurance and strength, tennis is right match for you. It is a popular racket and ball game that involves manoeuvring a ball around a netted tennis court. It can be played as a single or doubles game. 

CRICKET: This is an air sign symbolised by celestial twins. They are spontaneous and playful, driven by insatiable curiosity. Cricket would excite you the most. It is a bat and ball sport that involves hitting a ball bowled at high speed towards the edge of the circular field. Each of the two teams has eleven players. The field at the centre is of 22 yards pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The game is played in several formats such as test cricket, one day international, T20 international. Cricket involves both patience and attentiveness. Definitely bring friends and family together to play or watch. 

SWIMMING: Cancers are highly intuitive and their psychic abilities manifest in tangible spaces. This water sign will do anything to protect itself. Swimming is a great way to get active in water. It is an individual or team racing sport that requires using one’s entire body to move through water. Front stroke, back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke, sidestroke and freestyle are the six basic strokes. Diving can be done from a height. Teams can play water polo. Swimming is a great fun activity and a competitive sport.  

WRESTLING: Vivacious, passionate, loyal and infamously dramatic, this fire sign is represented by the lion. Wrestling is a good match for this zodiac. It has several variations in different parts of the world. The sport measures strength, skill and agility. The player needs physical strength and skill to pin down opponents and overpower them. It teaches one to channelise the energy in the right place and to be calm. It has several weight classes and is individual or team sports.  

BADMINTON: Virgos are logical, practical and systemic in their approach to life. They are an earth sign and well attuned to the game of badminton. It is a racquet sport played as single or double game. The points are scored as the competitor hits the shuttlecock, a flying object made out of feathers but now usually plastic, over a high net, on the other side of the court. The game has a rectangular indoor or outdoor court and is divided into half by a net. The person needs to be calm and precise to channel strength, positioning the feature shuttle accurately. 

FOOTBALL: This air sign is obsessed with symmetry and strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life. It is a game of coordination and focusing on the goal. The team spirit amongst the eleven players is so high that it is almost infectious among the audience. The teams who take the maximum goals wins the match. A player must know when to play defence and when to move forward, just like in life. 

HOCKEY: This water sign has both physical and emotional energy to win at any sport they play. Hockey is a good challenging game that a Scorpio would enjoy. It requires a team of eleven players who play either side, on grass or ice. Players need strong physical balance and technical expertise. The rules of the game are interesting.  

TRACK AND FIELD: This fire sign of the zodiac has a quest for knowledge and is intellectual and spiritual in nature. They enjoy track and field events such as running, walking, jumping and throwing events. Javelin, discus, short put, long jump, triple jump, high jump and sprints of various metres are a thrill to play and watch. It requires high calibre and uniqueness and pushes the individual to achieve. 

GYMNASTICS: The earth sign has patience, perseverance and dedication. Gymnastics is a sport that will include and satiate the need for physical exercise while requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, dedication and endurance.  The different types of gymnastics are artistic, rhythmic, trampoline, power tumbling, acrobatic and aerobics. Gymnastics helps in disease prevention, increases flexibility, improves concentration, improves strength, and promotes healthy lifestyle choices. 

CAR RACING: Despite the aqua in its name, this sign is the most humanitarian and astrological sign. They are innovative, progressive and shamelessly revolutionary. Car racing is a thrilling game that involves the racing of high-speed automobiles, something that a Aquarian will thoroughly enjoy. The racings major formats include open wheel racing, stock car racing, sports car racing, drag racing, kart racing, rally racing.  

INDOOR: Pisceans are sensitive, intuitive and empathetic. The various games played indoors such as carrom, backyard football, table tennis, hoola hooping, trampoline, treadmill workout, basement skateboard, archery, yoga, dance, darts highly resonate with this sign. Play is the part of education and part fun and indoor games engage family and friends. Ludo, puzzles, card games, chess and board games are also equally enjoyed by this sign.

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