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When shopping for clothes, what do you usually look for?

A. The outfit is simple, not fussy but shows elegance and luxury
B. You prefer elegant, well-dressed clothes
C. You are attracted by clothes with bright colors and liberal designs
D. You love the unique, the more unique the better.
E. You do not have high requirements, as long as it is suitable and helps to enhance your figure

When do you spend the most time choosing clothes?

A. Going to weddings or big events
B. Hanging out with friends
C. Going on a trip
D. When going on a date with someone
E. Going for a job interview

What accessories can’t be missing when choosing clothes?

A. A pearl bracelet/necklace.
B. A tie and an elegant wristwatch.
C. A dynamic, youthful sneaker.
D. Unique sunglasses.
E. Power heels give you the confidence to walk.

On weekends, what do you usually like to wear?

A. Minimalist style dresses and small accessories.
B. Casual pants and shirt, sometimes swapped out with a short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt.
C. Choose a 2-string shirt with comfortable shorts and combine it with a thin, liberal, and cardigan.
D. Mix & match unique and beautiful items in the wardrobe; maybe ripped jeans with a bomber jacket and a pair of youthful sneakers.
E. Leather jacket with a pair of skinny jeans that are very dynamic, impressing everyone around.

What do you do when you spot someone wearing the same outfit as you?

A. Oh, that’s horrible but fortunately this has never happened to me because I always mix my own clothes. If this happens, I will change up something like earrings or add a thin scarf that I usually carry in my bag to highlight.
B. I only wore this suit today and will never wear it again.
C. I don’t care because it’s a very common thing.
D. I’ll move away and pretend I don’t see.
E. I will pay close attention to the person who is wearing the same clothes as me and compare myself to those who are better dressed.

What clothes do you feel most confident in?

A. The dress is graceful and soft.
B. Sweater or cardigan jacket.
C. Swimwear or bikini.
D. The most stylish, trendy clothes.
E. Shirt, T-shirt combined with jeans.

What colour of clothes do you usually like the most?

A. Preferably white.
B. Blue color
C. Warm colors like yellow, red, and pink
D. A solid black colour tone
E. Neutral colours

What shoes will you usually choose to wear every day?

A. Flip-flops
B. Slip-on shoes
C. High heels
D. Flat shoes
E. Sneakers

What do you usually like to do on your days off?

A. Have a romantic vacation
B. Join a sport game
C. Immerse yourself in the bustling, bustling crowds
D. Stay at home and host an intimate meal
E. Stay home and enjoy alone time

mostly A – Timeless Classic Style

You will not be arbitrary with looseness, especially in dress and fashion. Therefore, you are always aiming for a simple but sophisticated and impressive fashion style. Each outfit you wear must always ensure the harmony of materials, designs, and each stitches.

mostly B – Minimalism Style

Through this style, you will see that you are a person who attracts others with simplicity, courtesy, and elegance. You always want to appear neat, well-groomed, and dress politely, but no less personality.

mostly C – Hippie Style

This fashion style also speaks to your personality, you are a very active person, like the bustle, and never sit still. You always choose for yourself costumes with bright colors, a bit liberal, free and bold.

mostly D – You are fashion

No matter what outfit you wear, you can confidently show off your personality “It’s me – because that’s me”. You are a person who likes to be unique, has a penchant for breaking fashion, and always wants to have your own way. With the ingenuity in dressing, the seemingly unrelated items create an impressive whole.

mostly E – Normcore Style

Normcore means the desire to express a distinct personality through simple things. Normcore style towards simple and never-out-of-fashion outfits such as polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, blazers, loafers, and sneakers. It prioritises simplicity, convenience, and comfortable.

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