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by Sweta Rajgarhia


Love: The year brings tons of love because you are open to it. You will attract loving people into your experience.
Career: You excel at conceptualising all kinds of projects. Opportunities will arise in plenty, plan the year well and you shall achieve your goals.
Health: You can get dragged down by coughs, colds and seasonal allergies. Ensure keeping higher immunity levels.
Lucky number: 26
Lucky colour: Blue


Love: 2023 comes with new friends and relationship opportunities. Try to be positive and have a good time.
Career: Focus on creativity and flexibility.
Health: Eat the freshest of foods, try home cooking and maintain a healthy diet to avoid health issues.
Lucky number: 11
Lucky colour: Brown


Love: Love comes to you rather than you having to pursue it. Cherish and honour love from friends and family as well.
Career: You will do well and work with clarity and method to bring great results at work.
Health: Your current eating habits could lead to severe problems. Eat smaller portions, consult a nutritionist, maintain a diet chart and stay hydrated.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky colour: Green


Love: A new beginning brings you closer to your loved one. Being happy and caring for others is on the charts.
Career: Any business ties or associations made now will serve you well throughout the year. Build long term associations.
Health: A dance class or a boxing class will give you the workout you need to increase concentration and stamina. Eat healthy to keep energy levels high.
Lucky number: 21
Lucky colour: Yellow


Love: Feelings of love and desire are strong. A new relationship is strong on the cards.
Career: A year filled with happiness comes your way due to immense hard work in the past.
Health: Avoid tension and negative behaviour. Take the time to relax and unwind.
Lucky number: 14
Lucky colour: White


Love: True love is on the cards. You are likely to have a lot of fun and romance.
Career: All your work endeavours will be achieved and succeed.
Health: Make time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Go on short breaks and take up yoga and meditation.
Lucky number: 23
Lucky colour: orange


Love: A year to find you love of the truest nature. There can be challenges in an existing relationship but being strong and committed can help you ease the way.
Career: Break the rules to achieve success. Always playing it by the book and playing safe will not get you results.
Health: Skin problems can crop up, a balanced diet is important to ensure essential vitamin and mineral intake.
Lucky number: 20
Lucky colour: Magenta


Love: Attracting and enhancing a partnership through travel, higher education, shared beliefs, friendship, group associations, and community involvement is on the cards. Be more open to each other.
Career: Planning is the key to success
Health: Join a fitness group, or work with a personal trainer. Eat fresh and drink lots of water.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky colour: Pink


Love: Communication and heart to heart conversations will allow your relationship to flourish.
Career: You will come into unexpected money and new opportunities for career growth. Stay inspired.
Health: Pay attention to your inner voice. Take up exercise, plan your food and meditate.
Lucky number: 12
Lucky colour: Red


Love: Be open to expressing. Share something every day with your partner and see the difference unfold.
Career: Movement of office space is on the cards. Be positive and open to exploring new career options or starting a new venture.
Health: Eat healthy, fresh foods and avoid processed snacks. Limit caffeine, and work out.
Lucky number: 25
Lucky colour: Purple


Love: Plan romantic occasions for the one you love. Be more expressive.
Career: Team work is highlighted to reach success.
Health: Fitness is essential to your wellbeing, and self-discipline is the key.
Lucky number: 13
Lucky colour: Gold


Love: Life is beautiful and so will be the year. Focus on enjoying time with your sweetie.
Career: Be focused, and don’t leave things undone or to the last minute.
Health: Digestive issues may occur for many of you. Healthy eating and exercise are recommended.
Lucky number: 26
Lucky colour: Grey

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