by Sweta Rajgarhia

Each one of us has different hobbies, strengths and definitely a unique preference for dressing up and styling ourselves. Read the article to find out more about your innate likes and how they connect to your dressing style. So continue to follow what suits you and what you like. Stay confident, stay fabulous! 

You have a deep love for all things classic and carry them off with grace. You are the perfect combination of a girl-next-door and a classy woman. You’re the chameleon of the fashion world. Courage, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, optimism are your strengths.

Taurus is always fashion-forward and loves to make a statement with their daily style. Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with your hands are your likes. You’re very sensitive to how items look and feel, so you might be drawn to softer fabrics like cashmere or silk.

You’re a social creature, Gemini, and you might always be venturing out to meet new people or bouncing your ideas off of friends. Your style tends to be very youthful and trendy. Since you know how to work every style like a pro, don’t be afraid to mix it up from day to day. Find an inspiration and go for it.

Always count on a Cancer to be the most overdressed in the room. You’re a sophisticated, classy dame, with an eye for clean lines and a timeless, appeal. You are calm and observant. You have a signature look that’s really recognisable. 

Leos want to stand out. There’s a tendency to alter or hand-tailor your clothing, or a desire to seek out vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces. You are both strong and harsh yet sensitive and empathetic. Keeping your circle small, going on adventures, handling your own issues, pop-rock music, and bacon are your various likes.

Your best friend is music, and you are anything but a people-pleaser. Virgos really live for the details in clothing. Precise fit is important as are all the details around closures and stitching and tapering. Embrace pastels when choosing new clothes, but mix in punchy accessories for an extra dose of colour.

Librans really love beauty and sensuality. You are the master of mixing. You can work a feminine frock one day and a menswear-inspired look the next. You’ll find it easy to put together playful outfits that never feel over-the-top. Have perfect balance of feminine and edgy style. You take your relationships seriously.

Scorpio, you can be a little intense. You’re more of a private person, and it takes you a while to trust others and fully open up. Your secretive nature is echoed in your fashion choices, and you might like to dress in darker colours that don’t draw a lot of attention to yourself. You are brave, passionate, mysterious, secretive, and manipulative.

You have a love for learning. This fire sign is generous, has a great sense of humour, is impatient, sociable and loves to travel. You are curious and adventurous. You want clothes which are travel-friendly. You are always ready to sample local styles and cultures. 

You crave structure in your life, Capricorn, and you might always be working towards some kind of goal. Your career is probably a priority, and you readily take on greater responsibilities at work. Simple but sophisticated. You love to get dressed up, but if it isn’t easy, you won’t wear it. You gravitate toward classics with a twist.

Since you aren’t afraid to wear exactly what makes you happy, get busy experimenting. Avoid items that feel too trendy, and stick with the bold pieces you truly love. For Aquarians, fashion is fairly understated but with an ironic twist. You try to make a statement in much more subtle ways.

You can really get down with something flowy, soft and gorgeous. Your love for flowy-ness shines through in the pretty aqua accents and the fish illustrations. Nothing about you is common or ordinary. You tend to come across as fierce but also have an adorable side to you.  

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