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by wowmagazine

Some guys are shy, some are forward and they all like something a little different between the sheets. Tapping into your man’s unique “sex style” can take sex from nice to something he’ll be blushing about for weeks. 

The Transcendent Style. This guy doesn’t just want sex, he wants it to have him. Sound like a tall order? If you can fill it, he’ll reward you with eye-gazing, an introduction to tantric sex, synchronized breathing and loads of groovy spiritual energy.

Expert Sex Tip: Try this tantric trick: Put his penis in your vagina and then lay perfectly still. This way you get into it very slowly and you can focus on the feeling, or what is called the MSC – maximum skin contact.
The Super-Intimate Style. No intimacy issues here. This guy needs to be emotionally focused during sex in order to have a fully satisfying erotic experience. He prioritises satisfying his partner, and likes to cuddle afterwards, to boot.

Expert Sex Tip: Cowgirl – you should be on top, and in charge. Then, you can collapse on his post-orgasmic body and cuddle him.

Porn Star Style. Every guy would like to have this style, but only a few actively try to pull it off. Nothing turns him on more than thinking that he can act out all the fantasy moves that porn stars can do.

Expert Sex Tip: Make him feel as though he’s got an audience; allow him to ejaculate on your stomach or give you a “pearl necklace.” He likes to see all the fruits of his labor… on you.

The Cerebral Style. This man is in his head before, during and sometimes after sex. He fantasizes about other women but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you, his real-life partner. The key with this brainy type is to relax his mind and let his imagination stimulate arousal.

Expert Sex Tip: Massage him with oils, give him a head massage. Throw him in the bathtub, and get in with him. The more he stays wound up and in his head, the more he won’t want to have sex.

The Auditory Style. He likes to hear your fantasies spoken out load, but the sounds don’t have to be verbal. This man loves the sounds of sex: the moans, the sighs, the whispers and shouts.

Expert Sex Tip: Make up a story where two people don’t know each other. And let your imagination run wild, with X-rated scenarios, of course.

The Anxious Style. There’s baggage here, and it can keep the anxious man from jumping into sex headfirst. Maybe someone hurt him in the past or he’s just got low self-esteem? If so, it may be hard for him to act out on his fantasies and let go.

Expert Sex Tip: Get in bed with your PJs on. Cuddle and tell yourself you are not going to be naughty, then get into a place where you are tender and relaxed and can feel each other up

The Reciprocal Style. Give him what he needs and return the favour in spades, but he’s keeping score all the while. This guy wants sex that is fair.

Expert Sex Tip: The obvious choice is to 69. That’s what equal opportunists do.

The Experimental Style. He likes new things, new ideas, and he reads up on new positions and new ways of having sex, but he also bores easily. This guy will try anything and everything at least once, and if he likes, he will do it again.

Expert Sex Tip: Use toys on him. Or if you are comfortable, massage his prostate. But make sure you ask him first!.

The Wild Style. He likes it wild and he likes it edgy. He wants kinky and out there sex, and likes to be challenging his own erotic style as well as yours.

Expert Sex Tip: Tie him to the bedpost and take charge, be the dominatrix. Blindfold him, too, to up the eroticism.

The Plain-Spoken Style. Instead of reaching out to in the dark in bed, he’ll just say, as you’re brushing your teeth, “Wanna fool around?” He’s not high on romance, and you’ll rarely be caught guessing. There are no dropped hints or innuendo with this style, if he wants it, he’ll ask.

Expert Sex Tip: Show him there’s nothing wrong with romance by surprising him with sexy lingerie. Then he’ll be caught guessing. And when he says that – tackle him and do it on the bathroom floor!

The Impulsive Style

Talk about going from zero to 60; Mr Impulse can have sex anywhere, anytime. He sees you and he wants it. He thinks about it and he wants it. This can feel annoying – like you’re dating a horny 17-year-old boy – but it can feel totally hot! If he wants you, he’ll take you, whether it’s on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, in the backyard or in his office.

Expert Sex Tip: Go to the movies, sit in the way back and make out. Then go home and finish it off in the car. But start it in the theater, when he least expects it.

The Coy Style. This guy plays hard to get. He might pretend he’s not interested and wait for you to make a move, then act reluctant when really he wants it the whole time. Not that he’s a game-player, but he can enjoy the chase – you chasing him.

Expert Sex Tip: Just chase him in a way that’s exciting. Put a pair of your panties in his pocket or laptop case, set the tone for what you want to do to him.

The Out-of-Nowhere Alpha Male Style. Sometimes but not every day, you’ll find a Clark Kent type who by day is all gosh-golly and self-deprecation, but get him in the bedroom and he’s Superman.

Expert Sex Tip: Play along, you can be his damsel in distress.

The Visual Style. This guy needs a lot of teasing with the eyes first. He likes to either watch porn, or better yet, watch you undress. Be prepared to have sex with the lights on.

Expert Sex Tip:  Become the star of your own porn movie.

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