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Sajal Malla
Managing Director, The Malla Inc

Tilicho Lake, Nepal
Known as the highest lake for its size in the world, Tilicho Lake looks so beautiful in the pictures. I wish to go there someday and take a picture of my own. 

Cappadocia, Turkey
In Cappadocia, there are magnificent underground cities, fairy chimneys, natural and historical beauties, faith centres and landforms. They give a feeling of being on a different planet. This place has always been on my bucket list. If one sees pictures of the place with numerous hot air balloons, who wouldn’t want to visit this place. It feels so romantic just looking at the picturews.

I want to visit many cities in Italy such as Rome, Pompeii, Milan, Venice, Saturnia… I have heard people talk about the beauty of Italy. I love taking pictures and the country seems to be very artistically photogenic. The country is art in itself.

Madina Ash
World Traveller

• Visa and Entry requirements 
• Cultural do’s and dont’s
• Cost of living
Researching about entry requirements and the cost of living helps me decide how long I can stay in that country. Researching about culture is very important; common sense is not so common. I would never want to offend someone’s religion or culture. A little research about the country’s culture, language, food and people will go a long way. 

Ram Sharan Upreti
Everest Summiteer, Owner of Mountain Ram Adventures & Blogger

The first thing I search on Google is if the travel destination is safe or not. I don’t like going anywhere without proper research. Safety is the most important part of the travel. We can be adventurous but not stupid. 
Second thing is whether the travel destination that I choose meets my interest. Travel is fun and we can create unforgettable memories for a lifetime but if it does not, then every day of the travel becomes boring and I may not complete the trip.

Smriti Subedi
Content Creator & Founder of Traverart

Must Visit Places 
I just get a quick glance of some of the monuments or places in the area to give myself an idea of what I can expect. However, I prefer finding out what a place is like once I reach there and explore it myself.

Must Eat Food
No matter where you are travelling, trying local food is a must. So, I try to eat these dishes at people’s homes in order to get the most authentic taste or find the best restaurants in the area.

I do end up having to search my own channel at times when people ask me about the places they want to visit. On a more serious note, I do suggest people to check out Traverart if they are travelling to a place which we have already been to as our videos tend to summarise and capture the essence of that place. 

Having said that, Google doesn’t have all the answers. I also get answers to my questions from conversations with people which often turn out to be more valuable. This was the case during my last trips to Upper Mustang and Northern India.

Tanguy Sai
Traveller & YouTuber (Nepali Tanguy Dai)

Some say I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list. The journey is a quest for the new, a hope to feel alive in the unknown. But it is also good to know a little about this unknown world that awaits us. Because it takes time to assimilate the codes of a universe that is not ours. I know it as French living in Nepal.

Three things I look for before visiting a place:
First the history, you cannot understand a place without feeling the weight of its past, of the events that have made it as it is today. History has drawn it, given it its contours, its language, its clothes, its mood. If I know the outline, I can visit the place in a better way.
Second, I look at local activities. What the inhabitants do for work, agriculture, fisherman, trades, if there is local craftsmanship which also defines the place. So, I can meet people and understand better their way of life.
Finally, I look at the culinary specialties. Hoping there will be some “Chyaang”. The food is also part of identity.
These are the three elements that draw a place and that allow you to visit it by living it, by penetrating it. I think the real journey is in sharing and understanding the place you are visiting. Otherwise, we are just passing.

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