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by Sweta Rajgarhia

Aries are simply the most competitive sign in the zodiac and they strive to excel in all aspects of life. They have no concept of defeat and are born leaders. However, they have to often learn to understand that no one is right all the time. They also fear making personal adjustments.

Taurus is very adept at handling finances so when something unexpected befalls this sign such as the loss of a job or car troubles, it makes them very uneasy and unwanted. They prefer to lead a life of luxury; living below the line will absolutely shake them up. Their biggest fear is not being able to provide for their loved ones.

Geminis are restless and independent creatures who always like to be on the move and experiencing new things. They have a big fear of becoming trapped and losing their freedom. They are fidgety, impulsive, and their mind is always racing with ideas.

This zodiac sign fears rejection and worries that people won’t like them. They dislike involvement in fights and arguments. They have a lot of anxiety issues and are scared of losing their family and loved ones. They are sensitive souls, and sometimes negative criticism and rejection can deeply affect them.

Leos fear being forgotten or ignored. Their worst fear is falling out with or being forgotten by the people they love the most. Being ignored or left alone makes them anxious and uncomfortable. They thrive in the presence of a crowd and know they are born stars. For them, showing off their power is a must.

Nothing compares to their accuracy and meticulousness. They need everything to be prim and proper all the time. Perfection is their pursuit. They tend to be hard on themselves and worry excessively. They deal with a constant fear of losing money. The thought of becoming poor haunts them throughout their lives.

Libras are logical and analytical creatures who think carefully before making important life decisions. They fear making the wrong decisions. They are not particularly happy when alone. Being with their loved ones brings them calm, happiness and contentment. They also crave attention.

Scorpios tend to go through emotional suffering which makes it difficult for them to trust anyone. Their biggest fear is being betrayed by someone close to them. They don’t easily open up to others and fear being exposed in front of others.

Their unquenchable curiosity and thrill-seeking nature is reflected in their constant search for the most exciting and new experiences. They tend to be anxious and prone to different kinds of phobias, especially a fear of closed spaces. They especially fear losing their freedom.

Capricorns fear failure and not achieving their dreams. They are constantly striving for success and have high expectations for what they want to do and accomplish in life. Capricorns fear a lack of achievement or success since their life purpose is often related to their professional advancement. Capricorns need to learn that their meaning and worth isn’t solely based on work performance.

This sign wants to stand out and be known for its individuality. They want to raise eyebrows and make changes. Aquarius likes to do things their way and fears that one day they will have to compromise on their values or conform to society in a way that they simply do not want.

Pisces have a lot of love to give and when they commit to a relationship, they do so with all their heart. One of their biggest fears, however, is not being able to find someone who will reciprocate all that love. They would almost prefer someone to sell them a load of nonsense rather than be honest with them.

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