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What does the future hold for fresh graduates in current times?

by wowmagazine

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
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Barsha Bhandari
BBA, Kings College

We all had plans after graduation. We wanted to go on a trek or some other place with friends and take a break before we entered the corporate world. We even prepared ourselves for applying to different job openings in various companies.

Some of my friends were working on their business plan to launch their dream venture after graduation. However all those plans seem to be lost somewhere due to this pandemic. It’s not that nothing is happening now. Though, it’s motivating to see a few people launch innovative businesses virtually and keep going regardless of the restrictions in the market. However, given the current market conditions, everyday news about multinational and local companies freezing new hiring and eliminating existing employees due to immense losses is depressing.

I am trying to be optimistic. Being patient and investing in myself and learning skills that will be saleable in the upcoming market scenario.

Those of us who are already working full time while pursuing BBA are occupied and trying to stay productive. But my soon-to-graduate friends won’t find their dream jobs or won’t be able to sustain with their start ups. I just want to say that worry less and utilise this time to explore new possibilities. Prepare yourself with new skills, you can find multiple trainings and unpaid internships virtually. So, keep going. You never know your success speech about your career ten years down the line might go like this, “It all started back in 2020 during that chaotic Covid 19 pandemic”.

Dr. Utsav Kumar Shrestha
MBBS, Manipal Teaching Hospital

As a new doctor, I feel that the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me has amplified even further. In simple words, the road ahead is going to be a long and tough one. I have come to realise that I have become a doctor in a time when the world is fighting a war. And I feel that I am one of the soldiers in this war ready to risk his life for the sake of his patients. In a way, this is a noble thing to do. It just means that I am doing my duty regardless of the tough times. Even though the risks of contracting the virus as a doctor during this pandemic is indeed very high, if the necessary precautions are taken, I am sure that we can fight this virus and defeat it.

Career wise, I think the road ahead is going to be a challenging one. In a time when the world is applauding the work of doctors, I feel even more proud of entering this profession.

They say that a doctor never stops learning. Life is not a bed of roses, and the same thing applies to doctors. However I can’t help but see a bright future ahead for myself. If I work hard and get myself a seat in the MD/MS examinations in the future, it would really boost my career. Then whatever subspecialty I choose, I will continue to serve the nation and serve humanity in every possible way. 

Dr. Suneet Man Singh

WHO has placed dentists at highest level of risk amongst health professionals during this pandemic of 2020. Being a practicing dental surgeon during this period has made us realise our limitations in providing effective treatment. It is impossible to maintain physical distance during treatment as both patient and doctor face extended periods of exposure to the virus carrying aerosol.

With no proven vaccines in the foreseeable future, we will have to come across patients with presumed or confirmed Covid 19 cases. In these unprecedented times the only way to deal with this pandemic on our level is to have sound knowledge of the infection and follow stringent infection prevention to minimise the spread.

During this pandemic, we have realised that along with physical health, mental health is also a necessity for complete well being. We need to engage ourselves and pursue hobbies to deal with stress. But most important of all, we need to be compassionate and come together in this time of need. We have a moral obligation to fight for our future. Take care of not only your health but those close to you.

Urja Adhikari
Student of Business Studies, NAMI College

I would not be exaggerating if I say that the pandemic has changed the pathway for most businesses. Like most people, I had lots of travel plans for 2020. I had plans to quit my current job and take a break to rejuvenate myself. But the pandemic changed everything.  For me, this has been an often discussed topic with my friends and colleagues. Some companies that I once dreamt of getting into have introduced a slew of measures including layoffs and deferment of salaries. I think it will take some time to regain normalcy. 

Career-wise, the pandemic has given me a sense to pursue a diverse portfolio of options. In post Covid state, I’d say there will no longer be future aspirations, but the reality of the here and now. This has become the perfect opportunity to put myself first, finally, and decide what I want for my life and make the changes I need to in oder to achieve all of my goals and visions.

Deepak Ratna Tuladhar
MBA, Kings College

The pandemic has brought economies, businesses and organisations to halt, regardless of their size. Some industries are affected badly while some have had a sluggish growth in the ongoing period. While we are yet to see the overall impact globally, we can clearly see what’s happening in Nepal. The Nepalese agriculture business while largely affected has been seen as the ‘go to’ in this time of crisis. It is undoubted that the government and various private sector investments have turned their eyes towards agri-business development which is now portrayed as ‘low risk, high return’ sector. The transitioning need for commercialisation of subsistence farmers, and for experts and key resources that would give a different direction to the current traditional agriculture ecosystem is crucial.

With my drive for developing an Agriculture Innovation System in Nepal I truly believe that my Masters in Agribusiness Management from Kings College has prepared me well. Further, I am following current global trends, expert knowledge and practices in agribusiness both academically and professionally in respect to the current national needs in and after the time of crisis.  

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