by Ankita Jain

Traditional weddings have gone from quite the twist with ceremonies spanning from intimate gatherings to island escapes, cross-cultural ceremonies to the whole big fat Nepali wedding. Here’s a peek into the photo albums of four-of-a-kind weddings.

Sudixya Adhikari & Saurij Regmi

Sudixya and Saurij were destined to meet. Neither did they live in the same town, nor did they have common friends. And, no, theirs was not an arranged marriage. “I run my own event management company, and he happened to be one of my clients,” says Sudixya as she tells us about her nature-themed wedding.

The beginning…

Well (giggles)!  Our story had the most unexpected beginning. I run an event management company, and he happened to be one of my clients.

It has to be fate because from the time we met, our paths kept crossing. We collaborated on a few projects. And we didn’t even realise that we were gradually falling for each other. We didn’t notice when our professional relationship transformed into something deeper. One day, during an event, I noticed his absence and it left me feeling strangely incomplete, and that was the moment it hit me that I really like this guy!

How did you plan your wedding?

The venue for the engagement and wedding was already set in my mind. I am from Pokhara and I have been always been fascinated by the beauty of the Himalayas and the serene lakes. So, how could I miss these on my big day. Fishtail Lodge by Annapurna offered both at once. We embarked on a picturesque journey, traveling by boat to our dream destination, where we exchanged vows in the heart of the lake. I always knew exactly where I wanted my wedding to be.  A wedding is a one-time thing and I wanted mine to be just the way I imagined it.

Exchange of culture

We didn’t experience a significant exchange of cultures since we both belong to the same community. Nevertheless, coming from different regions within Nepal – I am from Pokhara and my spouse is from Kathmandu – there were some variations in the local rituals that added a unique flavour to our wedding.

Who planned most of the wedding?

I will take this credit. I planned the whole thing, but he took care of me and of my plans so that it got executed properly. All in all, it was coordinated team work.

How many pre-functions did you have?

We celebrated our union with a series of pre-functions. In total, we had four pre-functions, each filled with cultural significance, vibrant festivities, and joyful gatherings of family and friends.

What has been the highlight of your wedding?

The most cherished moment for both of us was undoubtedly the exchange of vows during our ceremony. The vibrant colours, rich rituals, and the moment when we exchanged garlands and made our promises to each other in front of our loved ones was really special. It was deeply emotional and symbolised the beginning of our journey together as a married couple.

the wedding Attire Our wedding dress was the perfect blend of timeless traditions and contemporary elegance. The highlights for me were the dresses I wore for the engagement and the reception. For the engagement, I wore Manish Rai’s bridal couture “Purnima” like the bright full moon night embellished with pearls and glass beads.

For the reception, I dazzled in the “Golden Gala” from Oodhni boutique, a splendid masterpiece featuring a plethora of pastel hues and detailed hand embroidery, lovingly gifted by my mother-in-law. This dress became an instant sensation on social media.

His crisp suits perfectly complemented my attire, creating a harmonious ensemble.

A tip

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, remember to balance the excitement with self-care activities. Prioritise quality time together amidst the wedding preparations. Cherish the moments that strengthen your bond as they will be the foundation of your beautiful journey together.

Black book:
Wedding planner: Events Nivriti
Photography: Alpha Pictures Nepal
Makeup and hair: Lowen Beauty and My Makeup Room
Venue: Fishtail Lodge by Annapurna and Hotel Barahi
Honeymoon: Mauritius and Dubai

Umang & Aarushi Agrawal

When the love of your life proposes to you in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and in a location overlooking the Eiffel Tower, you can only imagine what the wedding would be like.

Umang and Aarushi, in a destination wedding, kept it personalised complementing it with their favourite foods, drinks, colours and of course, flowers.

The beginning

Ours is a holiday love story. We met in Goa through mutual friends. And that trip turned our lives upside down. Before we knew of each other but this was the first time we had met.

The proposal

Aarushi: In Marwari culture you just propose after the parents say yes. We talked a lot after the Goa trip, and we met almost every month but the dreamy proposal happened after our engagement.

We started convincing our parents a few months after the Goa trip but they still didn’t know of each other or the family as I was based in India and he was based in Nepal. Finally, my parents came to Nepal and met his family in May 2022.

Umang: In July she was planning a trip to Paris with her family after our engagement and I was planning Tomorrowland with my family and friends. I knew the proposal setup had to be in Paris. She knew of this fact but the details were kept from her. I had around one month to plan everything. I knew which song they were going to play, what colour’s the roses would be. It also needed to be exactly 23:55 and 00:00 because that’s when the Eiffel tower blinks so everything had to be perfectly timed.

It was this location where there were almost a hundred people waiting to see the proposal because people had gathered while the event team was preparing everything.

What was the reaction?

Aarushi: I was mesmerised and blown away. One event person held my hand and made me walk the street so I didn’t see anything. I walked almost half a kilometer with my eyes shut. When I opened my eyes, the Eiffel Tower was blinking and it was beautiful with all the red roses and a red carpet for me to walk on, and there he was standing with a ring. It was dreamy, beyond anything ever.

How did you plan the wedding?

Umang: I didn’t want to get married in either Nepal or India. It had to be a destination beach wedding as we are both fond of beaches. My idea was to get married at a place I am fond of. In Southeast Asia, my favourite place is Bali. However, logistically, Bali was not feasible. Finally, we settled for Thailand as many Indian weddings take place in that country. Out of all the cities in Thailand, we chose Hua Hin which is three hours from Bangkok.

Aarushi: We didn’t want our guests to wander around, so we got this secluded place where even taxis weren’t available (laughs).

Exchange of cultures

Aarushi: We have similar traditions, it was a very clear Marwari wedding.

Who planned most of the wedding?

Aarushi: It was him for sure. Every morning from six onwards, he used to be with the event people on WhatsApp. He also told me to look after certain things but I was hardly interested. I was only involved in the wedding outfits.

How many pre-functions did you have?

Aarushi: Many. We don’t even remember the count.

Umang: I unfortunately didn’t have a bachelors, and she had a crazy bachelorette.

What has been the highlight of your wedding?

Umang: It has to be the cocktail night. The theme of the party was “Wild” and it lasted till 5am in the morning. The guests were dressed in their wildest attire. There were girls dressed as police women and so much more.

Aarushi: Sangeet night with the glitz and shimmer was the major highlight for me. I loved the grand outfit. We were all looking our best and I always dreamed of being on stage with my partner dancing. The entire family was involved. There were celebrities performing. Met Brothers came for my wedding and it was like a festival.

The wedding attire

Aarushi: I wanted to wear the best possible clothing available which is exclusive and one of a kind. I got all my event-wise clothes customised and sat down with the designers telling them what I liked. My wedding outfit was from Ankur Batra. He is a very private designer from Delhi. He does not have a store and works from his office but he has the best designs. He just makes one-of-a-kind pieces. My Sangeet outfit was from Falguni Shane Peacock.

Umang: My two major outfits were from Manish Malhotra

A tip 

Aarushi and Umang: To enjoy the wedding to the fullest, dance till your feet hurt and laugh till your cheeks hurt. These moments will not come again.

Black book:
Photography: Wedding Nama, Mumbai
Venue: Dusit Thai Hua Hin, Thailand
Honeymoon: Mexico and The Bahamas

Supriya Shrestha & Karan Basnet

When Karan Basnet finally proposed to his kindergarten love,
Supriya Shrestha, it was surreal. And the rest is history, says Supriya,
as she shares details of her wedding.

 The beginning

Our love story is a trip down memory lane, all the way back to kindergarten. Karan had the biggest crush on me and was, let’s just say, pretty persistent. He’d call our home landline so often that my dad started recognising his voice. Years later, in high school, he stumbled upon an old kindergarten photo of us and reached out to my sister to confirm it was me. At first, I was skeptical and thought, “Who is this guy?” But that picture was all the proof I needed, and from that point on, the rest is a romantic history.

The propopsal

It was very special! Karan outdid himself. He collaborated with the owner of Evoke restaurant, which now stands on our old kindergarten grounds. They crafted this whole narrative about a high-budget influencer photo shoot. I mean, who could resist? But as I walked in, there were rose petals and boards recalling our kindergarten memories. Even then, I had no idea he was about to propose. Needless to say, I was floored.

How did you plan the wedding?

We had grand plans initially, including a getaway wedding at a resort in Chitwan. But then reality hits, right? We had to think about elders, accommodations, and honestly, the logistics were a nightmare. We didn’t want to exclude anyone. So, we chose Gokarna Resort, a place surrounded by nature and convenient for everyone. In the end, we didn’t have to compromise.

Exchange of cultures

Both our families were pretty flexible, so it wasn’t exactly an exchange of cultures, more like a fusion of traditions.

Who planned most of the wedding?

Let’s just say Karan had only one responsibility: showing up.

How many pre-functions did you have?

We had three functions pre-wedding: Saipata, Reception, and Sangeet.

Highlight of your wedding

Supriya: It’s tough to pick just one. I would have to say it was the moment Karan and I got up on stage and performed our dance. After all this time practicing and feeling nervous, it felt as if nothing mattered and we were dancing for ourselves in that moment.

Karan: Sangeet was the event that really felt like a celebration. So many close friends and family participated and enjoyed.

Wedding attire

I had the honour of wearing outfits designed by Khushbu Dangol of Oodni Boutique. We had spent hours in her studio, brainstorming fabrics and colours. She’s incredibly creative and it felt like a true collaboration.

A tip 

Show gratitude to your spouse every single day. It’s easy to take each other for granted, especially when you have different love languages. For instance, I am all about physical touch, while Karan values acts of service. Understanding and appreciating each other in your own love language can make your marriage feel like a never-ending honeymoon.

Black book:
Event planner: Clovers Wedding Events
Photography: Majime Studios
Venue: Hotel Himalaya & Gokarna Resort
Honeymoon: Bali

Khushboo Dangol & Spandan Moktan

Every season has one wedding that ‘knocks it out of the park’, and this year, the cross-cultural union of Khushboo and Spandan blew many away. Modern yet traditional; rustic yet chic, laidback yet minutely detailed, Khushboo and Spandan’s wedding was “the antithesis of the ‘Big Fat Wedding’ as she calls it.

Here, she gives us a peek into the festivities that were filled with laughter, fair share of tears, close family and friends, great food and décor and fashion at its best.

The beginning

At a social gathering, our paths converged amidst the lively atmosphere. Surrounded by friends, Spandan extended a friendly gesture, offering me a drink that sparked the initiation of our conversation. While there were no immediate sparks of love at first sight, the gradual unfolding of conversation brought us closer, paving the way for a connection that went beyond the initial encounter.

The proposal

It wasn’t a traditional proposal, more like an unspoken understanding that we were destined to be together. The lockdown unexpectedly became a catalyst for our love, providing ample time for us to strengthen our bond as we shared moments of closeness and discovered the depth of our connection.

How did you plan the wedding?

After four years together, we made the decision to embark on the journey of marriage. Eager to make our union extraordinary, I envisioned a wedding set against the breathtaking backdrop of Nepal’s scenic beauty. The Terraces Resort, with its picturesque charm, became the perfect choice to bring our dream wedding to life.

Exchange of cultures

Our marriage became a harmonious blend of cultures as the rich traditions of Newar and Tamang cultures intertwined seamlessly, creating a beautiful tapestry of diversity and unity.

Who planned most of the wedding?

We played to our strengths in planning the wedding. While I immersed myself in crafting the aesthetics and setting the vibe, Spandan took charge of ensuring the guests were treated to delectable food and impeccable hospitality. It was a perfect collaboration of our individual talents and interests.

What was the highlight of your wedding?

The Sangeet night was a delightful fusion of emotions, happiness, and excitement as both families came together to showcase their talents. The performances, infused with a touch of flair, created an unforgettable evening that left us moved and elated. It was a night to remember!

Black book:
Wedding planner: Clover Events
Photographer: Infinite and Ratna Sambhav
Makeup and hair: Sakshi, Razzu

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