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We all change colours and lose our leaves… then we bloom again.

by wowmagazine

One of my favourite times of the year… autumn is raw and beautiful. Blue skies, cool air, hot sun, falling leaves, mountain beckoning, festivities in the air… it’s a magical time to explore, experiment and endure. It’s a time when everything explodes with beauty almost as though for one last time, and yet it holds the promise of new beginnings. It brings to mind the quote:

We all change colours and lose our leaves… then we bloom again.

As I jog in the quiet of the autumn night in the park each day near my house under the trees planted all around the walking trail, I am unfailingly captivated by the leaves dancing gently to the breeze. The city lights fade and the sound of passing vehicles are drowned out to the music playing in my ear pods, and I notice the smallest of things with peculiar clarity… cloud formations moving against the dark sky, a flying owl, fallen leaves, dogs lazily sprawled and the rhythm of a city about to fall asleep. It’s the hour of the day that I spend completely alone with myself – meditating, listening to music, exercising… and observing. And as I breathe in the air, I am filled with a sense of deep gratitude for this gift of life.

I contemplate a lot about this journey we call life…. And each day I contemplate about what needs to die within me and what needs to come alive. I contemplate about the seasons and I know that autumn carries some deep and profound lessons for each one of us. It’s the season that reminds us about letting go, embracing change, the cycle of surrender and healing, and living with more awareness. It’s also a time to nourish and restore yourself.

With the onset of winter, the nights may be darker but the mountains will shimmer with magical light in the day. Find the poetry in your heart and allow yourself to immerse in the season and live life to the fullest.

Enjoy what’s important to you, and the rest… take a deep breath and let go.

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