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by Dr Sharad Singh Yadav

A dog’s health is important to any dog lover. It is notoriously difficult to detect cancer early in pets. However, there are some things you can look for. Even if the condition turns out not to be cancer, these signs may be able to detect another medical condition that needs veterinary attention. Also, it is critical to remember that a pet can be very sick “inside,” without showing any of the signs “outside” which is why regular, veterinary checkups are recommended, ideally every six months. Early detection is key when dealing with cancer, so learn to spot the signs.

Sudden weight loss
Just as with human beings, a dog’s weight should remain constant. Cases of drastic weight loss can indicate that the dog has developed a certain cancer type.

Mouth changes
Normally this can rarely be seen but you are advised to make it a habit to check the inside of your pet’s mouth to be able to catch any signs of oral cancer.

Behavioural changes
Any cancer type can greatly bring a change to your dog’s general behavior. Some signs are the dog becoming annoying, irritable, snapping or even ferocious. If you notice a transition in your dog’s behaviour, consider contacting a vet.

These signs are normally presented due to brain tumor in dogs and this especially happens to older dogs. In case you notice your dog carrying out activities like leg jerking or chewing or even foaming at the mouth, this could be a sign of cancer.

Abnormal growths or tumors
Tumors are the first word people think of when they hear about cancer, but not all the lumps you will find in a dog signify cancer. There are some dog breeds that develop fatty tumors that are harmless. Ensure regular checkups to ensure these are not cancerous tumors.

In case you notice your dog somehow favoring a particular leg or maybe a change in its gait with not particular injury, this may signify cancer. Bone cancer can cause pain and lameness, along with swelling along the leg. You should immediately see a vet advice before the problem worsens.

Foul odour
Even though the breath of a dog is never fresh, if you notice that it has worsened more than usual, this might be the body’s signal that your pet might be suffering from a particular disease. There is need to be alarmed but do consult your vet. Also look whether the smell is emanating from another body site.

Diarrhea and vomiting
Frequent vomiting and diarrhea is a sign of a type of cancer developing. You need to check with your vet if especially these symptoms are accompanied by distension and bloating of the dog’s abdomen.

Unhealed wound
In case you notice the growth of some abnormal cells on the dog’s body or even other festering wound, this can be a sign of cancer Seek advice from the vet.

Lack of appetite
There are different factors that can cause lack of appetite in your dog; either psychological or physical causes. If your dog’s appetite seems to be deteriorating for over 24 hours, you should act promptly since this might be a sign that the dog is developing a disease.

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