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Premila Paulraj is the Director of Pearson Lanka support Services and a member of the senior leadership team of Pearson India. Appointed in 2019, Premila has been unlocking effective teaching and learning ensuring the evolving demands of education and future workforce through digital learning solutions and broader professional programmes across the globe. Having managed multiple companies in South Asia, Premila is working with Pearson in Nepal to improve the efficacy of learners in achieving their goals whether employment or enrolling in international universities.

Premila’s interests include tennis and motor racing besides her love for her family and books. 
In this edition of WOW, Premila shares with us all that makes her life beautiful.

What are you currently working on…

I am working towards brand recognition of my company and teacher training across the region.

What do you love about your work

It allows me to experiment, which I really appreciate.

What makes a person beautiful

It’s the drive and passion that they pitch to go the extra mile to achieve their goals.

What makes you beautiful

My action of giving back to people

What makes your life beautiful

Raising three young boys along with the business makes my life more beautiful.

What tickles your funny bones

The humorous and funny quotations behind the third wheelers in Sri Lanka, they make my day if I ever get frustrated in a traffic jam.

What makes you smile

Two things make me smile instantly. First, someone’s success especially children, and the second is animals.

Favourite comedian

Mr Bean. He is one of a kind!

Therapy for happiness

Driving, it helps me relieve my stress

You are addicted to

Work, this is what my children tell me! 

You stay fit by

Walking… a lot. Every now and then, even in the office I enjoy walking to organise my thoughts.

Best year of your life

I always look at the current year as my best year. It’s 2022 and I move forward by reminding me that this is going to be my best year.

Latest Splurge

I love cars, got a new one recently.

Always in your handbag


What do you do to unwind

Spa with soothing background music

Favourite holiday destination

South America is on my bucket list

Best thing about being you

The nature of giving back 

Make up… can’t do without

Lipstick always

Any favourite cosmetic brands


Three things you do to look your best

Dress according to the situation, be prepared for people and therefore ready to face the day with a lot of confidence

What do you like doing in your spare time

I often watch TV

Book or movies

I have a little library at home

Guilty pleasure

Sweets, chocolates, all the sugary stuffs… you name it

On your wish list

Take a year off and go on travelling across the world, taking me to Wimbledon and Formula 1 racing.

What advice would you like to give to your younger self

Be more versatile and try new things, you don’t have to limit yourself by the societal patterns.

Celebrity crush

Roger Federer, I would like to say admiration instead of crush

A quote you live by

Winston Church once said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something in your life.”

Favourite cuisine

Sri Lankan food which I never appreciated when I was younger. And Italian cuisine

Lockdown lessons

Learning to adapt to the change and all the uncertainties that life throws at you.

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