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Just under an hour’s drive from the city centre, under the bluest Himalayan skies, subtly nestled amidst trees is The Terraces Spa & Resort. The façade is minimalist, designed to blend in with the environment beautifully. The hospitality warm and welcoming; and the accommodation simple and perfect. The welcome drink sets the tone for what promises to be a relaxing stay.

The Terraces is located in Lakhuri Bhanjyang and offers incredible views of the Himalayas and the valley nestled below. Tourism entrepreneur Ang Tshering Sherpa birthed the idea for this property in the late 1980’s and it all came together as a green oasis that keeps nature at the heart of things opening to its clientele in 2021. The Resort offers two suites, 16 deluxe and 28 standard rooms sprawled across 25 ropanis of lush greenery.

This is a place you want to come to – to just breathe, to read, to eat and to walk. The service is subtle and everything you need is always at hand. The restaurant and bar offer a well curated menu, made with fresh, organic produce as much as possible. The swimming pool and the deck area are great to catch up with friends or simply float with time.

What really was special was the accommodation. The rooms are spacious, elegant and you wake up to the most magnificent views on a clear day. The ensuite balcony is ideal to warm your face under the morning sun, enjoy a cup of Himalayan tea with your loved one, or simply practice yoga in the fresh air. The gesture of a welcome cake in the room cannot go unnoticed – small, freshly baked and welcoming.

If you allow the quiet to seep in, you will find yourself in tune with nature. The air is crisper and feels just right on the skin. There are enough places to walk and hike around the area building you an appetite for the chef’s culinary expertise. Sit under the stars and get drunk on your favourite wine and conversation. Swim, dance, eat, rest, explore the spa and allow yourself to be indulged and rejuvenated.

Here’s also a place you can build everlasting memories as a location for an intimate wedding or a secluded getaway with your partner. Here’s also a place to come with friends and family to enjoy and to celebrate.

For reservations and bookings, call: 977 9802322755 or email: info@terracesresort.com

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