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Utsaha Joshi popularly known as Uniq Poet is among the most entertaining rappers in the country. The artist was a writer since childhood but developed an interest in music when he was introduced to rap music.
He earned his fame after Raw Barz and is a widely celebrated by the youth for his creativity. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence in Europe simultaneously working on his new album. Utsaha shares snippets about his musical journey in this issue of WOW.

How did you get into music?

I wasn’t really into music until I was introduced to rap. I was a writer since the beginning though. I guess rap music just felt like the perfect outlet to express myself and be somebody in the world. I mean seeing young black African-Americans make hood and rap so confidently on the TV screen was definitely empowering to me as a young, ‘Kale’ kid from Nepal.

You have released over 40 songs. What has the experience been like?

I think I have done more than a hundred songs. Some aren’t on my channel, some have already been deleted. I think the industry is definitely growing. Back then, I used to have episodes where I’d be very scared of my future since there was no industry, only a few ‘dais’ who were doing it. I’ve had both good and bad experiences in the industry. I have definitely been used at times, but I have also been awarded equally.

What is the hip-hop scenario in Nepal?

These days it’s good. We get multiple rap artists getting major attention, deals, shows, and whatever comes with being a mainstream entertainer. A lot of young dudes want to get into the scene. From audio to video production, everything has gone up quality-wise. Hope it only gets better.

You are abroad pursuing your Master’s degree. How do you manage to find time for music?

I am currently doing my Master’s I degree in Artificial Intelligence and working as a web and app developer in Europe. Also working on my next body of work, ‘Daami Tape’. Balance is easy when you know exactly what things you want to do and want to be known for.

Tell us about your new release, Jheli

Jheli, a music video directed by Ian Scott Clement, is collaboration between Kavi-g and Uniq Poet. The music produced by easy on the beat is a perfect combination of conscious old-school hip-hop transitioning into a newer school sound. It has amassed 600k views since its release and is currently on the trending list in Nepal.

An artist you’d love to collaborate
J.I.D from USA. Divine from India. Amrit Gurung from Nepal
If not a rapper…
I’d be a nobody who does some coding. Hip-hop saved my life.
Rap for you is…
A tool for expression, therapy and soul-searching


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