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by wowmagazine
  • Avoid comparing your kids to others. It is a behaviour that harms your child’s mental health.
  • Regardless of anything, always be present when spending time with your child. It makes for a deeper bonding and better connection with your child.
  • Teach your child about forgiveness. It will allow them to grow into individuals who know how to ask for forgiveness as well as how to forgive.
  • As a parent, learn to ask for support. If you feel overwhelmed as a parent, know its okay to take help from others whether in the family or professional help. Your child’s wellbeing counts on your wellbeing.
  • Regardless of the circumstance, practice patience with your child. Your deadline at work, your financial or emotional stress should not translate to your becoming angry and impatient in front of your child.
  • Support your child to try new things. An open mind helps them experiment, adapt and learn as they grow.
  • Instill a can-do attitude in your child. Let them feel that if they set their mind to it and are able to work hard towards their goal, they can achieve anything they want.
  • Have healthy conversations with your child on a variety of age-appropriate topics. Allow them to get involved in decisions and activities at home.
  • Play with your children. Being playful allows for a stress-free environment at home and better bonding with your child.
  • Praise your kids often for the things that deserve to be praised. It encourages them to do better.
  • Encourage joy. Teach your child to find happiness in the small things too. Happiness is a choice and if your child learns to see the good in most situations, s/he will be more balanced and joyful individuals.
  • Make your child feel special. Celebrate little victories, leave little notes of appreciation and warmth in the most surprising ways, create special routines that only you share, make plans for holidays, share household chores together.
  • Set boundaries. Your child should learn to know what’s good and bad. They need to also develop empathy and understanding to be able to use positive discernment. Be consistent with discipline and always lead by example.

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