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Kalo Masu
by Aayusha Karki

Kalo masu is goat meat cooked for a long time with Nepali spices, especially around Dashain.
Aayusha Karki is the proprietor of Meraki Nepal. Aayusha came up with an Instagram account, Akkooks, solely dedicated to food recipes during lockdown.


Goat meat: 2kgs
Mustard oil: 4tbsp
Garlic paste: 4-5 cloves
Ginger paste: 2 tbsp
Dried chilies, roasted and made into a fine paste: 5
Ground pepper: 2 tbsp
Ground turmeric: 2 tbsp
Ground cumin: 2 tbsp
Ground coriander: 2tbsp
Garam masala: 2tbsp
Chili powder or flakes: 1tbsp
Cilantro leaves for garnish: ¼ cup
Ghee: 2tbsp
Indian bay leaves: 3
Salt to taste


•Get a big skillet into which you put the mutton along with all the ingredients and mix well until the meat is covered in all the spices.
•Leave to marinate for two hours. I like to leave it overnight. Once it is well marinated, get a big non-stick pan and heat the ghee with Indian bay leaf. When the leaves turn brown, put the marinated meat and cover it with the lid.
•Slow cook the meat. Keep stirring, so that it doesn’t burn. Sprinkle some water if needed. Cook at low to medium heat. I cook it for two hours until the meat turns a little black. Garnish and serve with pulao or furandana.

Total Time: Five hours
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Marinate: Two hours
Cooking Time: 2.5 hours
Serves: Five people
Diet: Non Veg
Meal: Main course

Garlic Basil PrawnS
by Zenisha Moktan

This is a simple healthy recipe full of flavours.

Zenisha Moktan is a social entrepreneur. Zenisha is often seen sharing recipes on the YouTube channel ‘Dikesh Vlogs’ under Zeninmykitchen.


Sliced garlic and finely chopped garlic
Basil leaves
Lemon juice


• Heat a cup of vegetable oil and add sliced garlic. Keep stirring till it is golden brown and keep aside for a few minutes.
• In another pan, add garlic oil and one tbsp butter to which you add chopped garlic, crushed pepper and shrimps. In two minutes add the lemon juice, salt and basil on top.
• Serve with rice or quinoa
• Sprinkle crunchy garlic on top.

Total Time: 20 minutes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Diet: Non Veg
Meal: Appetiser

Coconut Barfi
by Anita Chajjer

Coconut barfi is a simple and tasty fudge recipe prepared mainly with grated coconut, sugar and milk. It is a well loved dessert especially prepared during festivities. It can also be made with condensed milk and desiccated coconut as well.

Anita Chajjer is a homemaker and food enthusiast. Anita has recently decided to take her food interest a step forward and opened her YouTube channel Anita Jain where she mostly shares Indian traditional recipes with a twist.


Desiccated coconut: 200gms
Sugar: 130 gms
Milk: ½ litre
Ghee: 75 gms
Tragacanth gum herb (gond): 50 gms
Cardamom powder: 1/2 tsp
Rose syrup: 3 tbsp
Vetiver (khus) syrup: 2 tbsp
Almond & pistachio flakes: 1 tbsp


• Take a pan, add 4 tbsp ghee. Fry tragacanth gum herb (gond) and keep it aside. In another pan, add desiccated coconut, sugar and milk.
• Heat on medium flame and add cardamom powder. Cook it for 10 minutes and make smooth dough. Add the remaining ghee to the dough.
• In 1/3 dough put rose syrup and mix properly. In 2/3 dough put vetiver (khus) syrup and mix. Place both the doughs separately in a greased tray.
• Make square shapes of the first dough and add fried gond on top of it. Set it with a spoon. Then place the 2/3 dough on top of it (khus one) and add the fried gond again as the fourth layer. Set it with a spoon properly. Lastly, sprinkle almond and pistachio flakes. Allow to rest for an hour. After it completely sets, cut into square pieces.
• Serve the barfi or store in a airtight container.

Total time: 30 min
Prep Time: 10 min
Cooking Time: 25 min
Serves: six people
Diet: Veg
Meal: Dessert

Bara Or Wo
by Baba Sarkar Shrestha

Bara or Wo is an authentic Newari savoury pancake made from lentil paste that is usually eaten during festivals, on auspicious occasions, and also offered to the deities among other food. Since Bara is high in protein, it is also given to people who are recovering from illness or loss of appetite. It can be eaten plain or topped with an egg or mincemeat.

President of Active Women of Nepal, Baba Sarkar Shrestha is a socialite and philanthropist. She is an avid traveller and food enthusiast.


Black gram (preferably without the back covering) soaked overnight: 2 cups
Salt: 1 tsp or according to your taste
Crushed ginger: 1 tsp
Cumin powder: a pinch
Oil: 1/2 cup


• Soak the lentils overnight. Wash and grind finely using a little water as the batter should be thick and not too runny. Add salt, ginger and cumin.
• Heat pan and add a spoon of oil to it. Add a dollop of batter in the heated pan. The flame should be low. Wait few seconds and flatten the batter with your fingers into a round shape. It is advisable to grease your fingers with a bit of oil or just dip in water so the batter doesn’t stick to the fingers. 
• Cook till it becomes golden brown on one side and gently flip and cook the other side using a bit of oil. Serve hot. 
• A non-vegetarian option would be to crack an egg or top it with marinated minced meat immediately after the batter is flattened, drizzle a bit of oil, and cover it for few minutes before flipping the bara. 

Total time: 25 mins
Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Serves: Four people
Diet: Veg  
Meal: Main course or Appetiser

Kwa Ghasa Or Ghal Mal
by Shaguni Singh Sakya

It is a traditional dish that is made from leftovers of the previous day’s bhoj/samay baji. It is very popular post-bhoj dish among Newars and some of us crave for it more than the bhoj. It is basically cooking all the leftovers with addition of timur that cleanses the palate and fresh spinach that acts as a good digestive. This curry is very homely and not served in restaurants as it’s basically made from leftovers. It’s a good way of making use of leftovers and not wasting food.

Shaguni Singh Sakya is the Executive Director, Kathmandu Guest House, KGH Group.


Quantity depends on how much is leftover and likewise you add the masala and ingredients accordingly
Khe saga part: Eggs, dried fish, choella, wo
Samay Baji part: Chiura (beaten rice), haku mushya (black beans), white mushya (small white beans)
Fresh ingredients: Ginger, garlic, dry red chilies, green chilies, timur, hing, tori ko saag (spinach), mustard oil, salt, cumin and chili powder.


• Heat the oil and fry the dry red chilies
• Add ginger garlic paste
Cut egg and wo
• First fry choella then add the eggs, the wo, the beans
• Let it fry well for some time and sprinkle some chiura
• Add timur, hing, salt, cumin, chili powder and fry again
• Add the spinach, water and boil it on low heat until the flavours come out
About dry fish
Open fish and clean out the guts from inside and break the head as it sometimes gives a bitter taste to the curry
About hing
It’s very important to get the organic block hing for traditional dishes. The commercial ones that come in boxes don’t have much taste. Melt the block of hing in hot water and cut into pieces before adding into the curry.

Total time: 1hour
Prep Time: 15-30 mins
Cooking Time: 45 mins
Servings: any number
Diet : Non Veg
Meal: Main course

by Rina KC

Anarsaa is a fried, sweet, chapatti like dish prepared from rice flour, sugar, and ghee. It is popular especially among Brahmin and Chhetri communities. It is normally prepared during festivals like Dashain and Tihar, occasions, and rituals like weddings, puja, etc. Rice flour gives this bread a crisp texture and sesame seeds provide a pleasant nutty flavour. The sweet dish is high in carbohydrates.

Rina KC is a single mother and homemaker. Inspired by her food blogger daughter Rubina Nakarmi she opened her YouTube channel Nepali Mom’s Recipe, where she shares different Nepali recipes. In six months, she has gained over 18000 subscribers and is receiving immense love from the audience.


Rice: 1/2 kg
Sugar: 250gm
Ghee: 3 spoons
Sesame seeds: 1/2 cup
Vegetable oil: 2 cups

Recipe Instructions

• Soak rice overnight for 12 hours. Remove water and dry the rice in the sun for two hours. Blend the rice and make flour. Also blend sugar.
• Take a bowl, add ghee, rice flour and sugar and mix well, then cover and keep aside for half an hour. 
• After half an hour, mix water little by little (small cup less than half) and make dough. 
• Spread the sesame on a big plate. Apply oil on hands and make medium size chapati from the dough and dip it in the sesame – only on one side.
• Heat one cup of oil and fry the prepared chapati on only one side for three minutes on medium flame. Caution: Sesame side should not be fried.
• Serve hot.   

Total time: 48 minutes
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Cooking time: Three minutes
Servings: Two- Three people
Diet: Veg  
Meal: Main course or appetiser or dessert

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