by Sukkum Chemjong Limbu

Nimesh Shrestha
Content Creator & Filmmaker

Obsessive: If someone is too obsessive or likes to hang out a lot. For me, it’s a red flag. One should understand and value others’ personal space. 

Being arrogant: Sometimes unnecessary anger can really trigger fights that I hate. Discussions are an important part of relationships, not arguments.

Being mean and bitching a lot: Bitching sometimes is great to pour out your anger and frustration but such habit can drain the mental energy in the long run. Also, whenever a person is mean and goes personal, it somehow creates a negative environment.

Ravi Kafle
Engineer, Actor & MD of Mitho Productions

Woman is a sublime creation. I love the way they carry themselves, attend and value people and relationships. However, if there be three behaviours in them that instantly turn me off it would be being disrespectful, insensitive and constantly nagging and complaining.

For instance, few years back, we were bunch of friends planning to watch a movie. We thought a good lunch before the movie would be great. There were few cafés on the way. We stopped by an average-looking café that could cater to our needs and were discussing our food preferences. There was this new lady one of our friends had brought. She was just so pissed off, and was constantly nagging and complaining. On top of it all, she dared to ridicule our choice of the café, nagging about its ambience, etc. The way she behaved made it awkward and uncomfortable for all of us. If only she had requested we change the place in a nicer and more urbane way, it could have upgraded our experience and fun. Maybe she had her reasons but the way she behaved didn’t go well with any of us. That was one of my instant turn-off episodes.

Aabhiskar Kc
Singer & Songwriter

The first thing I notice about a girl is her compassion; I think it defines the integrity of a person. I personally tend to fall for women who have a compassionate nature. This particular nature is crucial for me. If she doesn’t fall under that radar, it’s a turn-off. The second one is those who belittle other people. I have witnessed such incidents where they have judged and been rude based on another person’s appearance, job or status, this for me is an instant turn-off. Lastly, I tend to have an affinity for maturity. I lose interest in the absence of this element as well. 

Pratik Kunwar
Managing Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Incongruity: Women who don’t say what they mean and don’t mean what they say. They will not call a spade a spade, or point out wrong when they see it wrong. They are someone who when they make a mistake, won’t admit, learn from or resolve it.

Manipulation: Women, who employ power plays, mind games, control tactics, and socioemotional manipulation to be loved, feel validated, get their needs fulfilled. This person needs help, healing, and compassion, but never at your expense.

Superstition: Casual horoscope-ing is harmless, and is even a good conversation starter. But if a woman lets the arbitrary positions of solar entities determine the colour of their clothes, when they go out of their house, who they meet for dates, I am sorry but thank you, next. Do they believe menstruating makes them impure? Thank you, next. Do they believe themselves superior to others because of their ‘status’? Thank you, next.

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