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Silverlining Events

You’ve set your wedding date and decided on a theme for your big day. Now all you need is someone to help you design the wedding of your dreams. Silverlining Events has you covered from the conceptualisation to flawless execution.

“Weddings don’t need mega budgets for them to be spectacular or distinctive,” asserts Nishi Khetan, Co-founder of Kathmandu-based event management company, Silverlining. And we couldn’t agree more.

Whether your wedding’s a larger-than-life lavish affair or a small gathering of close family and friends, what really makes it memorable is how it’s been curated, crafted and how well the hospitality element is embedded. And here’s where Silverlining steps in.

Founded in 2017 by the cousin duo Nishi and Ravi Khetan, Silverlining started out as an event supervision company that has, today, become one of the most renowned event planning companies in the country for all kinds of events.

“One fine day when I was attending one of the events, I realised that I could do it much better. The moment made me think deeper and I called Nishi to sail on the boat together,” recalls Ravi who loves curating events since his college days. Over the last seven years, it has expanded its repertoire to include event curation, for intimate affairs, destination weddings or the traditional big fat wedding.

Under the label, Silverlining, Nishi and Ravi conceptualise entire weddings and ensure flawless execution, effortlessly blending traditional styles with international influences. Branching into the event planning space was a natural extension of their passion to help their clients celebrate their special day just as they have imagined it. The starting point is the couple’s dreams and desires. Elaborating, Nishi outlines, “With so much visual documentation available on Pinterest these days, most young couples have an idea of the look they want. We encourage them to tell us what is meaningful to them and try to weave those individual elements into our designs.” Ravi adds, “This is so much fun and challenging too. The result is a bespoke offering – a happy blend that forms a unique setting.”

Having accumulated seven years of experience in event planning, Nishi and Ravi love working with colours and textures and creating dramatic interplays with flowers, lights, fabrics and accessories. They enjoy the challenges that come with multidimensional creativity and have worked hard to master their game so that no event goes unappreciated. “Since each segment needs an entirely different approach, it pushes both me and Ravi to continually think in different directions,” states Nishi.

One of the most favourite projects of the duo has been the wedding of Siwangi Pradhan and Neeraj Bansal. “It was a dream wedding in the middle of the forest. Creating a natural arbor between the trees was no mean feat and took a mini task force. But the guest excitement on seeing the final product made it all worthwhile,” explains Nishi.

Silverlining’s success can in many ways be attributed to Nishi and Ravi’s emphasis on attention to detail. No nuance is overlooked. Every little detail is taken into account and crafted to perfection. When you experience the elegant finishing touches, you quickly understand why Silverlining has become a favourite among those looking to lend a touch of magic and whimsy to their special day.


One of the most important things I look for when deciding an event planner is their versatility and willingness to adapt. Everyone has a different taste, and especially when it comes to your big day, you have a certain vision and theme you are striving for. Once the vision is aligned with the event planner, the hardest part is done. Silverlining was able to understand our need perfectly and execute our dream evening the way we wanted. They offered a full turn-key solution and took charge of the décor, lighting, photography, venue, food, and drinks. They made our lives simple and once the concept was aligned, we barely had to be involved in the entire planning process.
Abhimanyu Golchha and Shreya Giri

Silverlining Events did their Wedding Reception in March 2022
We were looking for something very quirky yet traditional. We interviewed a couple of wedding planners in Kathmandu and weren’t content with what we wanted. When we met Nishi and Ravi from Silverlining, we froze them then and there. We were hence relaxed about the plans we had in mind for our big day. Since a family from Delhi and Siliguri joined together to plan a memorable destination wedding, it had to be a crazy one. Nishi and Ravi helped us in every aspect to make it successful. They were all ears to our needs and were physically present with us during all the ceremonies. Literally a call away and our needs were fulfilled.
Nikita Sinhal, New Delhi

Black Book
Colour Palette this wedding season: Earthy tones
Popular Wedding Destinations: Pokhara, Thailand, Turkey and Emirates
Décor: Subtle and elegant
Reception Entertainment: Indian Artists like Aastha Gill and Rahul Vaidya

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