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Here’s five reasons why coconut oil is the only product you need to keep your skin, hair and nails looking and feeling their best.

As a moisturiser

Coconut oil is very hydrating for your skin, particularly if the skin is already wet, so keeping a jar or two sitting out around the house is always a good idea. The beauty of coconut oil is that you can cook with it, eat it, and then rub it on your hands to keep them supple and moist.

Next time you wash the dishes, rub in some coconut oil post-wash to lock in the moisture and prevent your hands from getting cracked from the detergent.

Use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil for cooking as it works well with high-heat and is naturally sweet-tasting.

Instead of shaving cream

Most shaving creams are loaded with unmentionables which poison your body and leave your skin worse for wear, despite bold promises of ultra-moisturising aloe or vitamin E. Next time you bust out your shaver to take care of that unsightly fur on your legs, turn to your trusty jar or extra virgin coconut oil for a healthy alternative. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and softens as the thermostat rises, therefore it’s easy to scoop some up in your hand and massage a generous slather onto your legs. Then just shave as normal – the coconut oil will lubricate your legs nicely, reducing friction and leaving them smooth, supple and hydrated.

To remove eye makeup

Coconut oil can be used to remove waterproof mascara. Rub some coconut oil onto a damp cloth or cotton ball and swab it gently back and forth around your eyes and any other areas which need makeup removed. The coconut oil helps to break down the compounds in the makeup which make it otherwise so durable, and it even hydrates your skin at the same time.

To condition your hair

Coconut oil is a master at penetrating hair follicles and locking in the moisture, and for this reason is often found in conventional conditioners. But why go out and buy a conditioner with all the nasty other ingredients when you can use coconut oil for a fraction of the cost?

The easiest way to condition your hair with coconut oil is to dip a comb into a jar of this wondrous stuff then gently comb the oil into your hair. Once you have applied the oil to the whole area, pile your hair into a loose bun and leave it for a few hours, or even place a towel over your pillow and condition your hair overnight. In the morning, rinse out the oil in the shower with warm water.

All-over body moisturiser

Place a jar of coconut oil close to the shower so that when you step out and towel yourself down, you can quickly and easily rub coconut oil all over your body to lock in the moisture. Don’t be shy – you can rub it almost anywhere, and it’ll work wonders for your skin. It’s anti-fungal and antibacterial, so it’ll ensure your skin isn’t overrun with pests and your feet remain mushroom-free, and it acts to reduce water loss and thereby prevent dry skin. What’s more, it can promote healing of wounds, acne and scars, so it’s pretty much the best moisturiser ever.

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