by Sukkum Chemjong Limbu

At 56, Archana unraveled her ikigai, her life’s purpose. Ripping off the age tag she says, “Most of us spend our lifetime pondering on what we want. At my age people often stop looking for answers and turn bitter and wary of life but I believe in ikigai and I am here to unwrap my full abilities’’.

Archana Bharadia Sarda is a certified life coach and a corporate trainer. Archana sees herself as an agony aunt too. ‘Kaizen’, ‘Soul Sisters’ and ‘Heal your Soul’ are some of her coaching sessions where she talks and coaches people on mental health, relationships, problems and issues. Her coaching sessions are also favoured by the corporate sector employees on work, career and life prospects. As she unravels her gifts, Archana talks about where she started. “Most of the times when I did these things, it was like too big a bite to chew,’’ recalls Archana.

It was in Kathmandu that she refers to as “a city of joy’’ that gave flight to her dreams. She started writing, producing and directing plays, shows that were always full house. A self taught artist she thrived on the adrenaline rush that comes when you start to live your dreams. She has directed and produced 11 plays under her theatrical production, Pink and Gray. She also has a popular comedy series on social media that has slowly gained a following.

She recalls her transition from being a homemaker to a woman of career, “My claim to fame and real achievement was in having a well settled family. I was not supposed to dream, it was like a foreign element in my world. The structured pattern of an orthodox family had me tongue-tied. I was happy but I was also restless”.

Archana was afraid of the spotlight but as she evolved she understood the possibilities of having it all, or not. She takes pride for her home is her happy place built with care and nurturing, and her career is all about self discovery and living her best life.

“People often hesitate to call themselves homemakers; it is in fact the toughest job which requires art, science and commerce. Cooking is an art, budgeting is commerce and blending the three elements to run a house is science,’’ explains Archana who is a wife, mother and mother-in-law in addition to all the other roles she plays.

Out of 42 students in her class when she was training to be a life coach, she was the most popular. It was perhaps her earnestness or her enthusiasm for life and learning. Archana recalls, “I was the eldest in class. Age is a taboo but I cracked it. Everybody loved my simplicity and attitude towards life”.

Life has been her biggest teacher and today she knows that she will not settle for anything less than what she deserves.

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