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The Soaltee Kathmandu hosts Xmas cake mixing ceremony

by wowmagazine

KATHMANDU: The Soaltee Kathmandu on Friday conducted cake mixing ceremony to celebrate the advent of Christmas and the start of winter festivities.

The joyful event witnessed the participation of guests in creating a hearty mixture of nuts and dry fruits for the upcoming plum cakes, infused with festive spirits.

The guests were adorned with aprons, gloves, and caps as the cake mixing began. Along with guests, the luxurious hotel’s staff including chefs mixed the ingredients in to kick off the festive season with a sweet tradition. Spirits were poured over the fruits and nuts in a container, creating a thoroughly infused mixture that was turned and tossed with enthusiasm.

Distinguished guests, including spouses of ambassadors and other attendees, added to the festive spirit of the ceremony. The Soaltee Kathmandu General Manager Rishi Chopra delivered the welcome speech and led the cake-mixing rituals.

The live music enhanced the atmosphere and the ambience of Christmas. The culinary maestros of the hotel then treated attendees to a delectable spread, ensuring the perfect balance of holiday cheer to complement the festive occasion. As Christmas approaches, the hotel looks forward to continuing the festivities with more events that bring together the community in the spirit of flavour, happiness, and holiday cheer.


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