by Sukkum Chemjong Limbu

Diipa Gurung
YouTuber, Makeup Artist & Founder of Pari Cosmetics
Subscribers: 520K

Ten years ago, Diipa uploaded her first video on YouTube: a hair-styling tutorial. Little did she know that her video would be viewed by people all around the world. Today, with over half a million subscribers, Diipa is not only a renowned YouTuber but is also an entrepreneur who has managed to establish a cosmetic brand called Pari Cosmetics.

Diipa recalls the start of her journey as a YouTuber, “I started filming with a small digital camera that I received as a gift and uploaded it on YouTube from my very first computer which my dad got me for scoring good grades.” She didn’t really intend on getting famous and just genuinely enjoyed creating videos and sharing useful content. Now loved by women of all ages for her beauty content and lively personality, Diipa is grateful to her subscribers that have been supporting her since day one.

Alongside beauty content, she films her entrepreneurial journey and personal life; this allows her to engage with her audience and connect with her followers, which she claims is the key to a successful career as an influencer. “The trends are always changing and we have to evolve with it to stay relevant,” she believes and adds, “Putting yourself out there for people to judge freely is definitely not easy.”

As a content creator, Diipa is in the limelight and each of her moves online are under public scrutiny. She says that at times it does gets overwhelming and difficult to maintain privacy. But despite the lows, she enjoys the creative process and has learnt to utilise her platform to ensure that it benefits her viewers as well as helps her personal growth.

Advice for budding content creators
Nothing worth having is easy, so keep working hard and never give up.
Lastly, always remember that success isn’t the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success!

Biswas Timshina (BT Kancha)
YouTuber, Writer & Comic
Subscribers: 197K

For the curious, if you haven’t heard of Biswas Timshina, he’s the man behind BT Kancha whose content is based on Nepali movie reviews with a huge dash of humour, wit and voice parody. Biswas stresses that his purpose is not to erode the image of Nepali cinema but to create ripple effect for cinema lovers across the world. “The aim isn’t to ridicule the people for making these movies but to entertain the audience by bringing such movies to the forefront and maybe push people to work harder. Cinema is very dear to me and I’d love to see Nepali cinema get global recognition,” he states.

Initially, Biswas got on to YouTube as a hobby; more like a once in a blue moon thing. From being a scriptwriter in Mumbai to uploading comedy sketches and videos to parody songs, Biswas has been always involved in content making. He says that it took a whole pandemic for him to invest in YouTube and it has paid off well. He shares, “The regularity came during the lockdown when I started reviewing Nepali movies. It was when the followers started growing too. That’s when I realised it is important to have one sole idea, stick to that format, and keep delivering on those lines.”

Biswas however never intended to fall into public eye, he was aiming to be an engineer and it was during his civil engineering days that there was a shift in plan. He believes that it happened for the best. Soon he was exposed to the world of social media and ever since he has been on this platform spreading laughter and humour. 

Despite the recognition he has gained, Biswas stresses that one must develop a thick skin to deal with the twisted side of social media. “If you are in the public eye, you are not in control of the way people react to you. As a creator, they tend to read into everything about you. It is important to not take everything seriously and just relax,” he says adding, “Fame is fickle. One can’t be staying in this bubble for long as one never knows when it’s going to burst. So, it’s important to not take fame seriously.”

Advice for budding content creators
Get that one (unique) idea and work towards it. It’s okay to take inspiration from other people but the key is to add your own flavour.

Shavya KC
Moto Vlogger, Savya Rides
First Nepali Female Moto vlogger
Subscribers: 424K

In the Nepali YouTube moto vloggers community, Shavya KC is a familiar face. She has broken the stereotypical notion of women and bikes don’t go together. Her passion for motor vehicles started early and Shavya would capture moments from her travels and post it on digital platforms. This passion led her into becoming the first female moto vlogger in Nepal.

She recalls, “When I started out on YouTube, it was difficult to balance the demands of generating content, studying and personal life. I was frustrated and also didn’t have quality gadgets to make good content.

Viewers barely watched my channel.” Her interest in vlogging started in high school but her parents were against it. Belief is what got her across the obstacles and with consistent effort she not only drew the attention of her viewers but also different auto companies like TVS.

Shavya says, “My content is focused on the youth, especially girls. From my story, I want to portray a place where you are allowed to dream, work for it and turn it into reality.” With the initial success, came the courage to follow her dreams further.

Shavya recalls her school days where she was introverted, nerdy and shy. She says,”I had never imagined that the same girl would become so confident and make her own way in the world.”

Advice for budding content creators
Believe in yourself, no matter what. Be consistent and do not get demotivated seeing the hate comments.

Hemanta Bhandari
Nepal 8th Wonder of the World
Subscribers: 96K

It all started with a documentary about Mad Honey Hunters of the Himalayas in Lamjung for Hemanta Bhandari, the initiator of Nepal 8th Wonder of the world. The documentary released in 2018 and became a major success on the YouTube platform.

“Nepal 8th Wonder of the World started as a Facebook page in 2012, In the coming years, I knew that the video industry would take over the internet, and keeping that vision I updated my work in line with the changing digital context,” says Hemanta.

He says, “The constant changes of demand and supply can cause turbulence at times, but use the challenge as fun and see how it leads to your growth.” He adds, “It’s always hard to start, you may feel bad about the views not meeting your expectations which is normal. Success is not achieved overnight; it is a gradual process.”

From zero to almost 100k subscribers and having associated with leading organisations like Honda Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board, Hemanta is grateful to his team members for achieving the many milestones. Behind the stark landscapes, the heartwarming narration, and portraying Nepal as a hidden treasure is a passionate team of seven people including Hemanata; all working to inspire people to travel and discover Nepal.

Advice for budding content creators
Find people who are passionate as you are to work with. Find beautiful people to work with and your content’s soul is going to get beautiful for sure.

Ajay Rai
Rungmang Vlog
Subscribers: 378K

Born and raised in an Indian Army family, Ajay Rai had to shift and travel constantly from one place to another. He never got to stay in one place for long and could hardly make any lasting friendships. Ajay remained inside a bubble for quite some time until he flew back to Dharan and to his surprise; the place welcomed him with open arms. “When I started socialising and making friends, people admired and loved me. I started to get fond of the attention that I was receiving and that’s how my personality bloomed,” he shares. 

Five years into his journey as a YouTuber, Ajay is receiving tremendous love and support from different parts of the country. The audience love his outgoing personality and the excitement generated by his videos of challenges and pranks on family and friends. But it was never a smooth sail to the popularity scorecard. With 600 videos on his channel, Ajay was able to gather pace only because of nonstop daily vlogging every single one of the 365 days.

“When I first started, I took every possible step that could gain me more viewers. I even made my own pamphlets and distributed them on the streets. I started interacting with every media person I came across. It’s only now in the fifth year of my journey that I realise, consistency is the key.”

Today Ajay is unstoppable and his supporters are only growing. In spite of the growing popularity, he notes that becoming famous on the internet is like a dandelion plant which is very short lived.  

Advice for budding content creators
Consistency and humility are the keys. Do not give up easily.

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