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by Ankita Jain

Like many young Nepalis, Meghna Gewali flew to Australia to study and lead a more independent life, but her passion for music eventually led her to India and she landed at famed AR Rahman’s music school. A move that led her to become a singer, song writer, composer and vocal instructor. Today Meghna is recognised for her fiery stage performances. In a conversation with WOW, Meghna opens up about her musical journey. Excerpts:

When did you start your musical journey?

I always have been fascinated by the world of art since a very young age. I used to be an active child, not leaving any opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. I discovered music and it became my passion, I eventually realized that this was actually something that I wanted to pursue and give my 100% to, and now it is my profession. I couldn’t be gladder.

You are a student of AR Rahman, tell us about it?

I studied music at the KM Music Conservatory achieving a diploma in western classical and vocal majors. The school gave me a wholesome experience of learning music and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of musical legends including AR Rahman Sir himself. Above all, I learnt how beautifully they create music. I consider myself super blessed to be a part of this school. I am very much grateful for this experience.

What role did ‘Voice of Nepal’ play in your career?

Voice of Nepal was a great experience as I had never thought I would be part of a reality show. This platform gave me a good opportunity to connect to my audiences and showcase my art.

What music genre do you enjoy?

Talking about genres, I love experimenting. This keeps my mind fresh. But one of my main genres is Blues. I enjoy the vibe. I love singing my heart out.

Do you think every singer has to be a stage performer?

I believe in performing; I have that spirit. I think getting on stage for me means connecting to the energy of the entire audience. It is very necessary for an artist to have a performer attitude, to be able to let a little loose and most of all, have fun on stage. Feel it, seal it and kill it, I would say.

How different is it performing live vs playback singing?

Live music always has a fun side, connecting to the listeners and having a great time singing on stage. I absolutely love it on stage. It feels like home.
Talking about playback singing which is now the inside work at the studio, the pressure is real. Its challenging and requires a certain level of perfection. At the end of the day, you chose to be here, you give the best and you learn to be the best.

You are a songwriter as well. tell us about that.

So far, I have released two songs officially. The first one, “Udi Jau Na” released in 2019. It was a pretty unplanned release. I had this song written and composed in 2017, and since I was here in Nepal for a holiday at that time, we gave it a shot. Crossing a million views on the first official was a big flex, it caught me by surprise.
The next one is called “Timi ra Ma” featuring Subrim Raj Malla which was released back in 2020. This song didn’t perform as expected but it really encouraged me to create more songs.

Currently, I am working on my EP called Multiple Personality Disorder; it has five songs in it. The experiment with this EP is basically using various tones, various genres, and various sounds and stories in each.

Are you a full-time musician?

Yes, I am a full-time musician and I love it. I have recently formed a band. I haven’t come up with a name yet. Our line ups are: guitars, bass, drums, saxophone and vocals. We are a team of five trying to bring out some intense groove in the coming days.

To the many whom you inspire, what do you want to tell them?

We all hit rock bottom, it’s a part of life, but to stand again with double energy is what makes you the hero of your life. Stop wasting your time doubting yourself and just give it a shot. If one thing is not working out for you, there is always another one waiting. Find your passion, it’s your effort and energy that will count.

One singer you look up to: Janis Joplin

Memorable collaboration: Collaborating with AR Rahman Sir’s project from school. It was an Islamic documentary about sounds. It was magical working with the whole team.

An upcoming project you are excited about:  My EP called MPD and the band

A music genre you want to try: Tribal House Music

A hobby you want to pick: Skateboarding

A hobby you want to get rid of: Ghost Hunting

Your current playlist:  From Classical to Bollywood to Metal to Blues to RnB; basically everything. My playlist is an intense mood swing.

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