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by wowmagazine

Trends sprouting in the world of beauty have moved beyond the realm of what’s conventionally alluring; be it artistic strokes in vivid colours or a generous dose of glitter on your most prominent features, art dominates the face.

Picture credit: Ayush Shrestha

Look 1: Tribal

With a base of cyan, the look is an amalgamation of peacock feathers with tribal rawness. Here the idea is to create a bold eye look using painterly strokes. Add a hint of lighter shadow in the inner corner of eyes in a similar fashion; the messier, the better. Need more drama? A few coats of volumising mascara should do the trick. Cover up imperfections with a concealer.

Look 2: Forest Queen

The trick to making the forest queen look work off-the-runway is by opting for green as the base. To cop the look, even out your skin tone with foundation, focusing on the eyes and keeping the lips either nude or light toned. The look is further enhanced by using flowers as head gear.

Look 3: Beautiful Mess

Bold peepers take the cake when it comes to commanding attention. But who’s to say that both the lids need to look exactly the same? Nothing short of a work of art, you can use the same combination of hues and blend it in an uneven fashion to recreate this surreal effect. Use a super-pigmented eye shadow in a bright shade as base, and pick two to three shades of complementing shades in powder finish that can be dusted over to create this beautiful look.

About the Makeup Artist

Raktim Joshi Pyakurel is a certified skin therapist and makeup artist. Raktim has worked with Miss Nepal Australia as the senior makeup artist. She is also a blogger cum writer for Sydney based Nepali magazine plus 977. “I am passionate about the natural and the runway looks,” says Raktim who is currently based in Biratnagar.

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