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by Ankita Jain

Deeya Tamang
Founder, and CEO of T’s Armoire

I had my wedding during the lockdown. So, we kept it small and intimate with just close family and friends. The gift count wasn’t overflowing, but there’s one gift that stands out, and it means so much to me. It’s a ring from my mom, passed down from my late grandmother. This ring is super special to me because it’s not just jewelry; it’s a piece of our family’s history.

Riyasha Dahal

Marriage for anybody is a very special occasion and I was gifted numerous things which meant the world to me. All the gifts have a lot of value, but the one gift that outshined others was a Pashupati temple showpiece. The weird part is that I have no idea who gifted me that as there was no name mentioned on the gift box. There were so many more gifts related to Gods and Goddesses; it felt like a blessing for my special day. This particular piece gives me a positive vibe as it the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. I felt like we got the blessings of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati directly. It’s pure blessings and positivity for me. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of the day when finally I became the wife of the person with whom I have always dreamt of spending my whole life together.

Bonita Sharma
Co-Founder & CEO, Social Change makers & Innovators (SOCHAI)

I got married and it was a very special celebration for all of us. Almost all our family members and guests blessed us with gifts. Initially, we felt a bit awkward receiving gifts, but then we gradually got used to it. My husband and I had fun reading the handwritten notes and opening the neatly wrapped gift boxes and sparkly envelopes. Now that I think of it, the gift opening part might have been one of the fun activities of the wedding. For us, every gift was special in its own way.
Since we had just moved into a new house, the decorative items, showpiece, toolbox and household equipment have all been very useful. We also got a few house plants which have added so much greenery into our space. These days we kind of feel like new parents learning to keep the plant babies alive by watering on time.

I cannot pick one favourite from our wedding gift, because it all feels very special. However, I think having a reunion with my cousins prior to our wedding, and the bachelorette trip they planned for me as a gift is the closest to my heart.

Karuna Khadka Pandit
Export Manager, The Nepal Distilleries

My husband is a man with a character so unique, he’s like a rare gemstone in a sea of pebbles. Humble, kind and a true champion of women’s rights, his actions speak louder than words ever could. To describe him, words often fall short.
He’s been my rock, empowering me in every aspect of life, no matter how big or small the challenge. These years with him have been a source of immense power, blessings and unending happiness. The way he treats me has been the most precious gift, one that I cherish more with each passing day.
So, consider this as my best wedding gift and in the grand theater of our lives, we continue to write our story; one filled with love, laughter and adventures yet to come. My husband isn’t just my life partner; he’s the superhero who sweeps me off my feet and fills my heart with joy, day after day.

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