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THE 3 ODD CATS All That Jazz

by wowmagazine

The 3 Odd Cats is a Jazz band with three talented musicians comprising Anita Chettri as the vocalist, Alboyoja Gurung on the saxophone and Saurav Shrestha on piano. The trio often begins with a pulsating melange of sounds that gradually coalesces into wonderful, foot-tapping music. The interplay of the instruments is impeccable, with new sounds slinking in and out, true to the improvisational spirit of jazz. Each musician seamlessly adds his vital element to the dynamic puzzle. The pieces move between the up-tempo, rhythmic grooves to the smoother, melodic works. Every time they perform, the ensuing applause from the audience is evidently heartfelt.

The band has performed at various music festivals and can’t wait to show their talent at Jazzmandu. From attending the same music conservatory to working together as a band, Alboyoja Gurung, the saxophonist of the band talks to WOW’s Anushka Shrestha about their musical journey. Excerpts:

How was the band formed?

We attended the same music conservatory in Kathmandu where we met each other. As we are studying Jazz and Contemporary music at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, we started sharing our ideas, knowledge and putting it together on our respective instruments while trying to reach out to the listeners.

How would you describe the music you play?

We mostly play Jazz standards and soul music.

What is the reason behind the band’s name?

The reason we named ourselves “The 3 Odd Cats” is because jazz musicians 
use “cats”  to refer to other musicians they respect, something we have for each other. We are a trio so we decided on the name “The 3 Odd Cats”. Our band is glued by the love for improvisation and humour. 

Tell us about your band members…

Our band consists of three members. Anita Chettri is a singer, songwriter from Kalimpong. Her love for music brought her to Kathmandu where she attends the jazz conservatory. She’s been doing vocals in one of the hottest Jazz funk band in town named “Time Dilation” and has the ability to lead the band with a charismatic voice that leaves a beautiful impression on the audience every time.

Saurav Shrestha is a multi talented young pianist from Chitwan who has been chasing his dream of becoming a professional Jazz musician. He also plays other instruments such as Guitar and Violin.

And I am Alboyoja Gurung – a Saxophonist – from Kathmandu who has the same love for music as both my band mates. I started my musical journey a few years back by attending the conservatory where I got the chance to learn from great saxophonists of Nepal and different parts of the world. I have been doing gigs with the band Riddim Sons (reggae band) at various pubs in the valley.

Where have you performed so far and where would you want to perform next?

We have been very lucky to attend workshops and master classes by Classical/Jazz professional senior musicians from around the world. We also travelled to attend workshops in different parts of the world like Australia, Amsterdam and Thailand. Besides, we have performed in festivals such as KATJAZZ festival, Echoes In The Valley. We are looking forward to the opportunity to perform in the Jazzmandu Festival where musicians from different places travel to Nepal and share their musical journey.

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