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In a world that is increasing self-engaged, children have less quality time to spend with their parents and more time with gadgets. Time with extended family is also shortened as more couples are becoming nuclear units. When your child has limited social interactions even in school, it is likely that she/he can feel out of place expressing emotions in situations that they are not familiar with. They can also be loud and annoying and difficult during social interactions such as parties and in front of strangers and guests or among peers not having learned sufficient socialization behaviours. Parents tend to get embarrassed and angry but that does not help at all.

Being kind and generous is a learned behaviour. While it is instinctive, it often gets suppressed in children who do not see it modeled enough. It is crucial to understand that when people are helpful and generous, they are happy. However, parents are often telling their kids not to share an expensive toy as it may get damaged, or not to share lunch because what they have put into the lunch box is special or may get contaminated when sharing.

Adults often push ideas that are set in their own habituated mind frame onto children and confuse them to a point that they cannot act out of their own natural instincts. This is visible especially among children who have very busy and dominating natured parents.

It is important to nurture empathy in children so that they grow up into good and kind human beings who are emotionally balanced and intelligent. You should model kindness and encourage your child to participate in acts of giving, sharing and generosity. You should also praise children for acts of helpfulness and kind behaviour.

Children who grow up in a secure and loving home environment where the members respect each other and care for each other are more likely to become caring adults. However, their participation must be encouraged and not enforced. You should also judge people less and appreciate them more so that you kids are able to do the same.

Being kind and generous is a learned behaviour. While it is instinctive, it often gets suppressed in children who do not see it modeled enough.

Proactive parenting means that you practice and encourage pro social behavior within and outside of the home. Basic etiquette – saying thank you and please – should be taught early. Children must be taught to appreciate the big and small things in life. When they receive birthday presents, often parents tend to value the gift on the basis of its cost. This sets the wrong premise for your child who should learn to just be appreciative that people chose to help him/ her celebrate their special day.

Get your kids to participate in home activities and contribute to household chores and responsibilities. Get them to volunteer time to a cause or donate their toys and clothes to a charity. Make them understand the value of money and that they must appreciate the privileges they enjoy because not everyone has it. Get a pet; children growing up with animals are often kind, responsible and giving.

When kids are kind and generous, they make friends and life long bonds that is precious and necessary in a world that is increasingly getting disengaged.

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