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A modern-day love story which started over DMs on social media turned into a celebrity wedding as Swoopna Suman and Jyotsna Yogi tied the knot on May 4th in an intimate wedding celebration. In conversation with WOW, the couple shares some of the stereotypical rituals they changed in their ceremony. Jyotsna talks about Swoopna’s love for baking, the stage-fright before every show, and how he has influenced her to become calmer in life; while Swoopna shares romantic details of their first date, his fondness for Jojo and more.

How it all began…

Jyotsna: It started with him following me on my socials (modern day love story). I could tell he was a good person even though I had never met him. He felt sweet and kind. We used to chat once in a blue moon. One day, he confessed: “I have always been a big fan”. I was flattered, overwhelmed, nervous, blushing… We planned a casual hangout which we knew was a date but were too shy to admit it. We met. And that’s our beginning.

Swoopna: I had a massive crush on Jojo from the very beginning. I used to adore her and constantly checkout her profile on social media. My friends and colleagues used to tease me with her name. I added her on my socials and we started talking. After a few conversations, we decided to meet up for a coffee date. The moment I saw her, talked to her, that’s it! 

Your first date

Jyotsna: Our first date happened four and half years ago. We met at two in the afternoon. We talked, he made me laugh, and he bought me a sandwich, a cheesecake and coffee. He even got me some cute gifts. Every normal thing felt special that day. While on our date, the shutters were pulled. We were confused at first but then realised that it was closing time, it was nine at night. We were so embarrassed but we were so deep into each other’s conversation that we didn’t realise it had been seven hours. That good it was.

Swoopna: I had just returned from my tour and we had made plans to meet up. It was a Wednesday afternoon and we had decided to meet at 12 noon but she arrived two hours late. I usually am very fussy about time and waiting but that day, I didn’t mind it at all. We met, ordered coffee and cheesecakes… which we couldn’t finish. We had such fun conversations that I didn’t realise it was nine at night. I dropped her home and started counting days to meet her again. 

Jyotsna On Swoopna

Swoopna is a caring person. He’s kind. He loves his fans the most. He lives for his music. He has this habit of doing things now rather than waiting for tomorrow. He respects the talent he possesses and I’ve never seen him gloat. He’s humble and very down to earth. He is also a shy person. He gets a stage-fright before every show, but when he finally gets on stage, he right home. He is a hard-working person. He doesn’t like staying idle for long. He loves baking. He is punctual. He’s someone who works on the dot. He dislikes waiting and making people wait. Tiniest gestures towards him make him happy. I can talk about him all day. He is the love of my life.

Swoopna On Jyotsna

Jojo is someone that I look up to. She is smart, intelligent and the most beautiful human I have known both inside and out. She is my best friend, someone I can count on. She makes me laugh so much. I love her sense of humour. She is very driven with her goals and career but also knows when and how to loosen up and have fun. She is fun to be around and I can’t wait to have more adventures together.

I can talk about him all day. He is the love of my life.
Jyotsna Yogi

How long did you date before you decided to get married?

Jyotsna: The thought of marriage would make me nervous about having to leave my cocoon, about the type of partner I’d get. It was there in the back of my mind but I never really tried giving it much thought. I wanted time to take its course. On our fourth anniversary of togetherness, he proposed. After that, we made time, we sat down and discussed it and decided to get married. We never talked much about marriage while in a relationship but when we felt right about it, we got happily married.

Swoopna: Getting married was not something that we had planned along the way. We were just growing together. Jojo had made it clear in the beginning of the relationship that she was looking for something permanent and I had always wanted the same. I always knew she was the one for me, so marriage was the next step in our relationship. I was the one to propose to her on our fourth anniversary. 

You had an intimate wedding in the presence of close family & Friends. Tell us about it.

Jyotsna: Luckily we both were on the same page about having an intimate wedding. We wanted the presence of only close relatives and friends. We were focused on a budget friendly wedding which is chaos free and fun. We invited 60 people, 30 from each side. This decision made it so much easier for my family. I could see them happily socialising with no stress, no worries, no running around. All our guests were happy, enjoying, eating, taking pictures, basically the ceremony was fun and at ease. Exactly how I wanted it to be.

Swoopna: Once we decided to get married, we started planning for the wedding. We both wanted a very small ceremony to celebrate our special day in the presence of our family and close friends. Our parents were also very supportive of this so we did a very small, budget friendly wedding ceremony. It was such joy seeing only happy faces around. 

Jojo is someone that I look up to. She is smart, intelligent and the most beautiful human I’ve known both inside and out. She is my best friend who I can count on.
Swoopna Suman

What were the ceremonies like

Jyotsna: Our wedding was just a day’s event. I have attended many Newari weddings as my mother is a Pradhan. So, the ceremonies of my wedding felt new but it was so much fun. Swayambar felt special because that was the first time, we saw each other as bride and groom. We were blushing red. Memories were made when he had to carry me and switch my seat. This tradition where everyone washes and touches our feet, we changed it to hands instead. We followed all of the Nepali traditions and we made beautiful memories. I didn’t know that I was supposed to get Dakshina/Shagun after I bowed at his feet. I earned some money then (laughs). I cannot cram my words in this tiny paragraph on how I felt about my wedding and the ceremonies but it will be a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

Swoopna: I reached our wedding venue at 11 am with my family and friends. At first, Jojo’s father came to receive us. We went upstairs and that is where we saw each other as a bride and groom for the first time. We got engaged traditionally. It was a very overwhelming experience for me. We did poojas and received so much love, blessings and gifts. The moment I put sindoor on her was a very emotional moment for me. I still remember those moments vividly as if it were yesterday. 

On your bucket list…

• To be able to take my whole family abroad for a long vacation
• Paint and sell them all
• Adopt two kittens and two puppies at the same time

• Go for a vacation in Italy with Jojo
• Attend Ed Sheeran’s concert
• Do a show in Wembley Stadium someday  

Thought about having kids…

Jyotsna: I’d love to have one tiny human run around my home someday but hearing many stories of pregnancies and birth have scared me. So, I guess time will tell if I want kids.

Swoopna: We haven’t thought of it yet. Right now, we both are occupied with our lives and careers so we haven’t really given a thought to having kids.

In what way do you complement each other’s career?

Jyotsna: He’s made music and I have acted in his videos. He loves acting too and I love music too. Careers might be different but we both work in the entertainment industry. So, we fit well in terms of work. Our choice of careers is what brought us together.

Swoopna: Jojo has always been an integral part of my career. She is creative. She is always the first one to hear my songs and she has always been my biggest critic. She gives me her honest opinions on my songs and I follow them accordingly. She has even written and directed a few of my projects. She is pretty good at it. 

Life after marriage

Jyotsna: After marriage, we have been learning more about each other. Everything feels overwhelming and new. The same roads that I have travelled countless times feel new. Getting married has made me feel like I just moved into Kathmandu. Swoopna tries his best to make me feel comfortable and that just makes me happy. We do chores together which is also somehow a pleasant feeling. I am living with the love of my life right now, life feels content.

Swoopna: Life after marriage is a very wholesome experience for me. I get to live with her and be around her 24/7. We cook together, watch movies together, go to work and get back home together. Life with her is so much fun and honestly it feels like a dream every day.

How do you add positivity to each other’s life?

Jyotsna: He’s always so proud of my achievements. This only motivates me to do better every day. He brings the best version of me to the surface. I am someone who is overly-conscious about my skin, hair, body, and he finds me beautiful even when I am looking my worst. It does sound like a common issue but the confidence I feel from him is one of a kind. He loves my choice of career. He respects my decisions. He advices me every step of the way. The things he tells me to motivate me are so captivating that at times I feel I can take on the world. He is kind. He influences me positively.

Swoopna: Jojo has definitely affected my life in all positive ways possible. From helping me cope with my anxieties to making me aware of my bad habits, she has been a best friend and a guardian to me. She takes care of me and is always there whenever I need her. Jojo inspires me to be a better person every day. I am always happy whenever she is around. 

Have you started to do something because of each other’s influence?

Jyotsna: A big yes! I tend to mirror the energy people give me. Swoopna is someone who is polite to everyone. He chooses to respond politely and wisely to rude and cocky people and ignore their existence. I used to fight such people. Now, I choose to not waste my time and energy on them (unless it’s a big deal). I am much calmer because of him.

Swoopna: I was scared of dogs before I met Jojo. So scared that I wouldn’t ever dare and go near one. But, after seeing how much she loves them, it motivates me to do the same. I ended up adopting a young stray pup who has now become an important part of our family. I am also taking care of two more street dogs around our home.

How do you like to spend your free time with each other?

Jyotsna: We go on long scooter rides. We try all kinds of foods. We binge watch good series. We gossip a lot. We make silly TikTok videos. We like taking mini vacations. He tries to teach me singing. We relax.

Swoopna: We usually love watching movies together. So, when we are home, we make some food and we watch movies together. 

Quick questions

In a bar fight, who is likely to land the first punch?

Jyotsna: I am.
Swoopna: Definitely Jojo!

If 20 years from now, you had to write a TV show based on your marriage, what do you think it would be – a romcom, a thriller or 12 seasons of drama?

Jyotsna: Romcom definitely. No thriller and no dramas, please.
Swoopna: It would be a mix of romcom and a little drama I guess. 

What is your reward meal?

Jyotsna: Ramen with cheese, eggs, seaweed, sausages.
Swoopna: A bowl of noodles. 

One word to best describe each other

Jyotsna: Good.
Swoopna: Jojo feels like “home”.

Who is more romantic of you two?

Jyotsna: We both are equal on this.
Swoopna: I guess that has to be me.

The most daring thing you have done in the relationship…

Jyotsna: Once upon a time, this pick-me girl gave about 50 missed calls to Swoopna, dozens of text messages, would act all cute, and eye-flirt him. She knew we were together but she wouldn’t leave him alone. Let’s say, she never tried those stunts again. Let’s leave the details for the next issue. 
Swoopna: During the Covid restrictions, we weren’t allowed to travel on our bikes unless it was an emergency. I went anyway, just to see her and say hello. I was later held up by the police for an hour but it was worth it.

A complete no-no in your relationship

Jyotsna: We’ve come across some people who tried to place opinions about us to us, more like they tried to sabotage us. So, we never let any third person or their opinions come in-between us. A complete no-no!
Swoopna: Long distance relationship at any point of our lives.

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