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Sushant Ghimire – New Song Jindagi Sararara

by wowmagazine

Sushant Ghimire is back with his new song, Jindagi Sararara. Jindagi Sararara became a TikTok sensation in Nepali Tiktok after people started posting travel videos accompanied by the song. The song gained traction quickly and became a fan favourite.

Sushant Ghimire presents the studio version of the song. Jindagi Sararara is a fun song, a song with a delightful melody and thoughtful lyrics people of all ages can relate to. While the chorus is memorable and catchy, the song has a philosophical theme, questioning life in general.

Produced by Saswot Shrestha at Omniphonics studio, the song has been produced with passion and love. Taking influences from acoustic pop, Blue grass and Nepali folk music, the song is well produced, arranged and performed.

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