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Aashina Deula, Pratima Karki, and Lalana Chimariya were declared the winners of the ‘Sunsilk Dashain Vibes’ contest winning the title of ‘Sunsilk Gang of Girls’. It was a digital contest held from September 14 to October 23 where participants showcased their fabulous hairstyles using the #SunsilkDashainVibes. Three winners of the contest become the face of ‘Sunsilk Gang of Girls’ along with Princy and Prisma, the two brand ambassadors of Sunsilk Nepal. The contest received a total of 2,854 entries across all social media platforms and garnered 23.8 million views on #SunsilkDashainVibes and 1.9 million views on #SunsilkGangofGirls on TikTok.

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