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Hair in the summer gets a pretty rough deal that can be overcome with a little attention and care. Before you start thinking about creating those beachy waves, you need to start treating your locks to hair masks and treatments to get it into top condition. Here’s how:

Start The Season With A Fresh Cut

Yes, giving your hair a new style and cut are one of the best ways to start off the season. Chop off the split ends to keep your hair looking healthy. You can always get a new look with a nice summer cut, but even just cutting off an inch of two will make you feel a whole lot different.

Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat keeps your hair protected from damage caused by direct sunlight. Wear a chic hat or hairband/scarf to protect your hair, advise experts. A hair hack if you have badly damaged, dry hair is to leave in conditioner all day to help nourish and rehydrate the hair.

Pamper Yourself With A Hot Oil Rinse

We know how difficult it is to manage dry and frizzy hair and the summer heat worsens this situation. The solution lies in a hot oil rinsing technique. Shampoo your hair normally but don’t rinse immediately. Instead, apply and massage your hair with warm oil (avocado, coconut or olive) from the root to the tips. Then rinse it out together. The warm oil will get through your hair and nourish it from within.

Protect Your Hair While Out on the beach or in the Pool

When you are on holiday, hair damage can occur from any angle. Start by washing your hair under cold water before you take a dip in the pool. Your hair can only absorb so much water so by washing it with fresh water first you are limiting the amount of damaging chlorine it can absorb. Next, smoothen your hair with a moisturizing mask that protects against chlorinated and salt water. Also note, just because you are not swimming doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t need protecting. Using an after-sun cream on your hair to prevent UV damage. This will extend the life of that snazzy balayage you just got done.

Leave The Straighteners Alone

Between humidity and sun damage, your hair in the summer is already parched without adding heated tools into the mix. Opt for natural styling techniques that add texture without the need of curling tongs or hair straighteners. After washing hair, rough dry before brushing through a smoothing or styling hair cream. Weave hair into one plait for loose waves, or pigtails for a more defined finish. Leave to air dry then take out and run your hands through to loosen up. A spritz of texture spray and you have got heat-free beachy waves for days.

Condition Your Locks

You must make sure you deep condition your hair at least once a week. Deep conditioning will nourish, strengthen and add lusciousness to your hair. You could use natural ingredients like banana, honey, olive oil and even apple cider vinegar to deeply condition
your hair.

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