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Khusbu Gauchan
CEO, Hotel Harmika, Co-Owner, Sparadise Nepal & Absolute Aesthetic; Director, Prive Nepal

To be honest it is immensely difficult unless you are in your right mindset and you learn how to balance between the two without letting one overshadow the other. When I first became a mother, my whole focus and attention was on my daughter and I had forgotten everything else including taking care of myself. The reason why I had no time for anything was because I was hands on and was doing everything by myself. When it started taking a toll on my mental health, I started realising that I should back out and start asking for help. I felt like I should let other people do it and I must take time out for myself. In the process I had to be away from my child so that I could focus on my work. I then started going to office while she napped. I would be gone for only three to four hours but that time let me think straight, got me in my right mind set and helped me balance things out. I created an environment where I could give required time to both my work and my child. Few hours after she sleeps and few hours before the she wakes up, I am on my phone or laptop working from home like sending emails, replying to my customers, taking care of their inquiries, sending orders and all. When she is up, my time is consumed looking after her and giving her quality time. And when I go to work, I still call from time to time to make sure she’s being looked after well, fed well and all. To have someone that you can trust to look after them can change everything so mothers don’t forget to ask for help and don’t forget to take care of yourself and work for yourself.

Roshani Bura
Founder, Pretty Little Bling

I am a mother of a two year old. Only one word comes to my mind when I think about creating balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship – ‘hardwork’. I love what I am doing and am so happy with my small business. I am following my passion and this is a huge reason I can build a life around and keep a balance being a mother and an entrepreneur. I make schedules convenient for both my mom duties, personal life and professional duties. Planning a week ahead is always so handy. The advantage of owning a business is that I have flexibility. And if you are mindful you can utilise your time anytime. I use my toddler’s television time and nap time as my working time. Lastly, being happy is all that matters. Being an entrepreneur and being a full time mother is like riding a rollercoaster, but determination, organisation and balance can be successfully acheived.

Smriti Bajracharya
Proprietor, Posh

I want to say that there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to motherhood or work. Since Smyra is my first baby, I am still learning a lot of things about motherhood. Motherhood is one of the best things that has happened to me but it is definitely not easy to balance work and life being a mother. Especially for moms who have nuclear family.

To balance my work and life as a mother, firstly I had to let go of my mother guilt. I don’t try to be a perfect mother and try to do everything by myself. I ask my partner for help in household work whenever possible. I mostly shop online, even groceries to save time. I socialise a lot less than before. ‘Me time’ is important for me so at times I ask my cousin to babysit my daughter so that I can have a day to myself. I absolutely believe that it is possible for a working mom to have a successful career and a fulfilling family life.

Saloni Rajbhandari
Lead Formulator, Laalii Enterprises

First of all when you have a toddler at hand, nothing you do will suffice the needs of the child. The smallest of things would really make me panic in my early days of motherhood. So plenty of help from your husband and family members, especially my mother in law and mom who have helped me so much to a point where I hardly have to look after my child, Sarovar. Family support and help would be the most important thing. This has really helped me to go on with my work as well as other projects.

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