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Very often, couples find that the sex component has taken a dip. It could be boredom, hormonal, stress-related, or just lack of interest in getting intimate. Most couples either ignore it, think it is a phase they’ll outgrow, or are just comfortable to let it go. But this is not how it should be and if you are committed to your partner, you can do something about it. Here’s a list that could help.

Keep your clothes on. Most people are used to taking it all off when having sex but leaving something on – either your killer high heels, a string of pearls, an undone lacey bra – can bring out your sexy side. Doing the opposite of what you usually do can feel exciting.

Have a fake affair. Date your spouse/partner as if you are meeting with a secret lover. Use your imagination! Intimacy experts say that part of the reason why couples cheat is to feel more sexually uninhibited.

Lube it. Flavored lube during oral sex is great if you aren’t a big fan of oral. Knowing you are getting a sweet treat can be a game changer.

Try new positions. New positions can be exciting and out of the norm. You will touch places that you may not have before. If you are still not comfortable just try put a pillow under your butt; the angle helps with deeper penetration. Add a sex toy to the equation to amp up your game.

Masturbate. Self-pleasure can help you know what leads you to an orgasm. This can help you guide your partner to how you want to be touched. Masturbation can empower you sexually and even make you a better lover.

Do fun things together. Sometimes keeping passion alive in the bed has nothing to do with sex. When you choose to spend time together on fun activities, you pay more attention to one-another. This often helps build desire.

Sexting is fun. It’s a playful way to let your partner know they are on your mind. Get creative, get provocative, get mysterious with your messaging.

Get a room. A hotel room often can get the spark burning. Away from the messy chaos of everyday life, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and room service allows you to get open to whatever happens next.

Watch porn together. It builds sexual tension and piques curiosity. See what happens. Go further by blindfolding your partner and experimenting on the sounds. Or, watch yourselves in a mirror to heat up the atmosphere.

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