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Pukar and Pratigya Gotame aka Pee Jee and Lady Pee Jee are siblings who now are in the limelight because of their rap songs. The songs hold powerful messages on harassment, rape, Covid awareness, ageing, etc. The talented 23 and 18 years old rappers were born and raised in Bhaktapur. The duo have composed and released 11 songs on their YouTube channel and say that they grew up listening to Nepali rapper, Yama Buddha. They fell in love with this genre without even knowing what it was. Pukar thought rap was just “singing fast with a beat.” Seeing Pukar rap grabbed Pratigya’s attention and her interest grew as well. The siblings now practice for five to six hours a day.
WOW’s Anushka Shrestha talks to Pee Jee to know more about their musical journey.

From siblings to rappers, what keeps you together?

Rap makes our bond stronger and now we are companions in our journey of rap together.

When did you first start rapping together?

I started rapping since my childhood and I made my official YouTube channel (Pee Jee) in 2017. From 2018, we are together on our musical journey.

What is the scenario for rappers in Nepal?

In my view, there are difficulties for underground rappers like us but I believe our continuous improvement will make it worth all the hard work someday. It does not really matter if we become successful rappers; we will continue to rap as long as we can.

How did you learn?

Most of my learning in rap has been from YouTube. I consider Mc Flo and Yama Buddha as my teachers.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Most of the rappers use vulgar words in their songs. I want to change the fact that rap can be made awesome even without the use of obscene language.

Your best song…


Would love to collaborate with…
Mc Flo
Favourite Nepali rapper…
Mc Flo and Yama Buddha
Besides rap…
Read books

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