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Asheem Man Singh Basnyat
Managing Director, Pathao

Empowerment and equal opportunity for women is a goal far from met which is why the importance of celebrating the achievements and struggles of women in history and present-day cannot be overstated. 
People today increasingly but wrongly assume that we have covered the gap in gender equality in 2022. While it’s true that women today have demonstrated success in every aspect of society and have paved the way for equal opportunities more than ever before, they are still faced by a plethora of social, economic, political obstacles. Still, we can see women overcoming challenges and standing shoulder to shoulder with people who do not face those same hurdles, and women’s day is a great day to applaud that. 

‘Break the Bias’ – for me – means tearing down the invisible but powerful walls and chains that hold women back in society from a grassroot level. The suffering and oppression of women is rooted in intricately woven social structures and norms that explicitly and implicitly restrict political, social, and economic mobility and freedom for women. Overcoming biases and stereotypes, and pushing boundaries are at the heart of all social movements. 

This is why, on Women’s Day we must celebrate the proud achievements and contributions of women, while humbly reminding ourselves of all that is left to overcome.

Varun sjb Rana
Architect, Director, Baber Mahal Vilas & Baber Mahal Revisited

Celebrating Women’s Day in itself is a sign of the biases women have to face in comparison to men. Breaking the bias to me would be to consciously oppose the existing assumptions, breaking stereotypes and supporting women in situations that on a societal level, we tend to overlook.

We should consciously work towards equalising the disparity that are evident in our society and in our daily lives to step free from the bias that is ingrained in us. I say we because, this is something men and women have to do together.

Saigrace Pokharel

The day is celebrated in honour of women for their socio-economic, cultural and political attainments globally. Personally, I see the day as a reminder for our society about its attitude towards women. A time for a reality check to a society that whether things need to be changed or not. Or, how do we adapt to these changes and explore their new roles? Or should we stick to old notions? Or try to explore the true meaning of those beliefs?

I also see this day as the rejoicing for gender equality and inclusiveness in a strong society. I am always fascinated by this quote: “There is a ‘man’ in every ‘woman’, a ‘he’ in every ‘she’ and a ‘hero’ in every ‘heroine’. Give her an equal opportunity, and you will see the benefit with your own eyes.” So, I believe, the day has contributed a lot.

I see a newborn child always possesses the most bias-less stage of a human life where it receives unconditional love from almost everyone without any struggle. A child similarly radiates love in its purest form. True insightfulness always unfolds this truth that all of us – despite our different superficial backgrounds – equally deserve the same treatment from each other since the true nature of a human being is nothing but love. Same goes for women.

It is unfortunate that our upbringing and social stigma separates women from men in this male dominated society. Without any form of prejudice, what’s so hard about acknowledging their contribution in society? When we create divisions and backwardness in society, we only create more judgmental domain.

I believe, Breaking the Bias is breaking the stereotypes of how we see women. A society surely can achieve a lot if it initiates this idea of breaking the bias.

Balen Shah
Musician & Structural Engineer

We Hindus have always considered women with power, wealth and education. We worship Goddess Durga as power, Laxmi as wealth and Saraswati as education. Even today, the only living God in the world is regarded to be the Goddess Kumari. Even the head of the country bows down to a Kumari. This is how we have been celebrating women.

But now that we have been influenced by foreign culture and celebrate their festivals as well, why not celebrate women’s day? Having said that, women should not be celebrated only once a year rather they should be respected every day and looked at as creators of the world.

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