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by Vartika Upadhyay

What is it like to be a DJ?

In one word, amazing. After my first few gigs, I knew this was what I was meant to do. I am a performer by nature, transforming into a different person every time I step on stage. I love the moment in which the audience and I connect, just singing and dancing our hearts out. Seeing people enjoying what you have poured your heart and soul into is truly an incredible feeling.

What is your experience with using audio equipment?

I have been using audio equipment for over 6–7 years. I have experience with a wide range of audio equipment, from simple to complex. I have also worked as an audio technician for several years, so I have a good understanding of how audio equipment works and how to troubleshoot problems.

What makes you stand out as a DJ?

I think I have a good mix of knowledge of classic hits and modern bangers. I like to think that I have a good feel for what a particular crowd wants. I’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of ideas that I keep in mind while performing: one element of surprise; the energy flow of the mix of old and new tracks; the quality of mixing and wearing clothing that stands out.

What important lessons have you learnt that you wish you had known when you first started out?

There was a lot of unprofessionalism when I was starting out, facing difficulties with payments or basic hospitality. Don’t be afraid to speak up or take advance payments. Before you accept any gigs, make sure to be completely clear on what both parties (the DJ and the club/event company) expect from each other.

How do you cope with pressure?

I prepare as much as I can but have learned to expect the unexpected. To cope with pressure, I find that you must focus on the things that you can control. Take a deep breath and stay in the moment. As an artist, it is very important to maintain your professionalism under pressure, but giving yourself the space for spontaneity and improvisation is good too.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I am optimistic. I always think positively and believe that everything is possible if you want it. The possibility of anything inspires me greatly. The likelihood or probability of having and doing something is referred to as a possibility. The possibility of everything gives us hope, and hope inspires us to do anything in any situation. Hope is our biggest weapon for personal development and growth. Possibility fuels my determination to keep moving forward.

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

There is an incisive moment in everyone’s life. As an artist, you must endure periods of chaos and struggle, such as a period of creative blockage. I consider this moment to be feeling when everything seems to come together, fall into place, and suddenly make sense. As an artist, you have to be alert for this moment because it can be caused by the introduction of a new element. These are the moments that make the struggle worthwhile, and I believe that an artist lives for them.

Why don’t we see more women choosing DJing as a career?

Maybe women are conditioned by societal standards in such a way that they tend to underestimate their talents and abilities. Cultural inhibitions stop women from exploring and developing their creativity and potential. This might be the reason we don’t see many women pursuing a career as a DJ.

Also, I think women find it harder to do the type of DJing I did because of the lack of respect. At least in a club setting, you have some distance from the crowd or security to call on.

What’s your creative process in the studio?

As an artist, you have to face periods of chaotic struggle. This is the life of an artist, but there are moments when everything falls into place. Suddenly everything falls into place. Like a moment of creative inspiration. These moments make it worth the struggle, and these are the moments that an artist lives for, I think.

What are your main challenges as a DJ?

One of my biggest challenges as a DJ is overcoming the stereotype that women are not as good at DJing as men. I work hard to prove that women can be just as good as men when it comes to DJing. I also face the challenge of being taken seriously as a DJ. I have to work hard to show that I am a competent DJ and that I know what I am doing.

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