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Sareeta Shri Gyawali started her career from a TV station in the United States and has since worked with some of the most reputed media houses. Currently she is a producer and presenter of a live TV show called ‘This Morning’. Sareeta is also a runner up title holder of the Miss Nepal pageant in 1997. A successful career woman and mother, she is also a strong advocate of women and socio political issues. Anushka Shrestha from WOW catches up with the versatile media woman for this edition’s Life’s Beautiful.

What do you love about your work

Everything. Media is my passion but if I have to be specific then it would be meeting people and listening to their life stories

What makes a person beautiful

Kindness, humbleness and intelligence

What makes you beautiful

Kindness, humbleness and willingness to learn 

What makes life beautiful

The ability to enjoy and cherish every little detail in life for example the chirping of the birds, the gentle breeze, the morning sunshine, the sound of the river, the laughter of your children, etc

What tickles your funny bones

Good sense of humour 

What makes you smile

A cheerful face

Favourite comedian

Sunil Grover because of his versatility. Just thinking about him makes me laugh

Therapy for happiness

Try to please yourself rather than others 

Current perfume

Tom Ford Rose Prick, Miss Dior, Coco Noir Chanel because all of these represent different me at different times and yet all smell like me

Addicted to

When I find out that I am addicted to something be it coffee, TV  series, food, workout or person, I become aware and try to control the addiction

On your wish list

Trek to the mountains of Nepal and being politically active are on top of my list

You stay fit by

Staying active which includes regular gym, swimming during summers, walks, dance, etc. If nothing else, I jump around but do not stay quiet

Best year of your life

Now. We call it present because it is a gift to us. So this moment, this year of my life is the best year for me 

Latest splurge

With Covid going on, my latest splurge is food


Eat, sleep and pray. Being happy makes your skin glow 


Simple plain equipments that meet my day to day requirements; nothing extravagant as such

Style Icons

Audrey Hepburn, Kangana Ranaut

Always in you handbag

Anything and everything 

How do you unwind

Lay down and read a good book or put my feet up and pour myself a glass of wine or a bottle of beer

Favourite holiday destination


You always struggle with

Managing time. So much to do and so less time

Best thing about being you

Just being plain simple, bubbly, grounded

Make up… can’t do without


Favourite makeup brands

I find Christian Dior and Lancôme’s products suitable for my skin

Three things you absolutely do to look your best

Workout, eat healthy, be content and happy

On a bad hair day

Wear lipstick

What do you like doing in your spare time

When I have spare time I like to play golf

Books or movies

Books as it lets you imagine, makes use of my little grey cells. Also I like the smell of both newly printed and old stale and soggy pages

Guilty pleasure

Desserts and shopping

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Chez Caroline, and SaSa: The Newa Restaurant

Celebrity crush

Rajesh Hamal

Have you ever been told to change something about yourself 

I might have, but I chose not to listen

Favourite cuisine

I love food. Especially, when it is prepared for me with love. Nepali and Japanese 

Lockdown lesson

Live in the moment. You never know what will happen tomorrow  

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