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Sandesh Rai Koirala grew up listening and learning music. His father and sister sing and are huge influences on his talent. Performing since the last five years, he recently performed with Sajjan Raj Vaidya as a band member. Anushka Shrestha from WOW talks to the young talent about his musical journey.

What got you into music?
I grew up around music since my father and sister, both sing. But it all started with me fascinating over The Beatles. What got me into playing the guitar is The Beatles and then Bipul Chettri in Nepal. 

What are your challenges as a live music performer?
The main challenge is that people do not respect artistes and do not pay us on time or sometimes, not at all.

What do you love most about performing live?
Playing music is the closest thing to having superpowers. You can control a crowd based on what you do on stage. I like the way I connect with an audience. 

Why do you think live music is now growing so popular?
The whole vibe of a place changes when you have live music. Nothing beats real people playing music for real people. 

What was it like to perform alongside Sajjan Raj Vaidya?
It feels like a dream. I am such a big fan of his music. Getting to sing the songs you love with musicians you idolise is awesome and humbling.

What’s next?
I’m going to release some new original music. Hopefully people will respond to it well. 

A message to your fans…
I am just a normal person who has a day job but you guys make me feel like I am someone special. I am truly humbled and grateful. 

Favourite songs to perform during a live show… My original called ‘Kali Keti’ and ‘Chyangba’ and ‘The Bloody Revolution’ by 1974 AD
Most cherished performance… Sajjan Raj Vaidya, live at LOD
A music artiste you look upto… John Mayer
Ongoing music trend…Mostly generic with a few gems along the way
Favourite instrument to play… Guitar

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