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by Ankita Jain

“Everything we do is a part of our daily rituals whether it is lighting a dhoop or candle in the morning or wearing a sustainable label. The brand symbolises our rituals, hence the name RitiRituals,” says the creative duo Samriddi Gurung and Arati Subba as they introduce us to their label.

Samriddi and Arati were raised in London. “We connected while pursuing fashion studies at the London School of Fashion,” shares Samriddi. When asked what brought them back to Kathmandu, Arati says, “I came to Kathmandu in 2019 and got stuck during the pandemic. However, I chose to freelance here with styling projects and sensed a huge gap in the luxury lifestyle segment. Samriddi adds, “The fashion work in London is quite tiring and I wanted a break. I came to Kathmandu to explore, connected with Arati, and we decided to come up with Ritirituals.”

The brand was launched with beeswax candle collection and selected womenswear silhouettes. “Since the beginning, we were against mass production. We want to take one step at a time,” says Samriddi.

While Arati is good in sketching and candle making, Samriddi enjoys branding and marketing. Taking us through their studio, the duo says, “We started from Samriddi’s kitchen and finally moved to a studio; it is an amazing feeling. Also, we are obsessed with beeswax. We think of our work as a beautiful collaboration between people and bees”. Through their brand, they are also trying to educate people about the benefits of beeswax candles over what’s easily available in the market. “It has zero chemical compounds as beeswax candles are all-natural. They are clean burning; they burn slower and last longer; they do not leave a soot residue nor do they have a petrol-like scent. It adds a naturally sweet aroma to your home,” states Arati.

The clothes they design have easy flowing silhouettes and are made in limited batches with chemical free dying. “It’s simple yet classic with a focus on comfort,” says Samriddi.

For the packaging, they use recycled Nepali paper. “This is our way to be as sustainable as possible,” shares Samriddi.
The label now intends to extend to jewellery.

The price range for three classic beeswax candles start from Rs 1275 and the Yana Shirt Dress from women’s wear is Rs. 6745.

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